Victoria Beckham and David Bond Over Their Love for Posh Art, Thanks to Elton John

Introduction: Victoria Beckham’s Artful Journey with Husband David

Victoria Beckham, the former Spice Girls singer turned fashion designer, has revealed that she and her husband, David Beckham, are building a stronger bond through their shared love for art.

Their newfound appreciation for art, including pricey paintings and pop art, was cultivated with the guidance of their close friend, Elton John.

Art as a Unique Shared Interest: A Departure from Football, Fashion, and Music

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Victoria Beckham expressed her enthusiasm for their art exploration, describing it as a unique shared interest that diverges from their more familiar worlds of football, fashion, and music.

She emphasized that this journey into art has allowed her and David to learn and grow together as a couple.

Elton John’s Influence: A Conversation About the Value of Art

Victoria shared that she had expressed her curiosity about the high cost of art to Elton John, questioning how one could justify such expenses.

In response, Elton emphasized the profound joy that a beloved piece of art brings every time it’s admired, stating that the value of that emotional connection is immeasurable.

Their Life and Love Story on Netflix

Victoria and David Beckham have recently unveiled aspects of their life and love story in a Netflix series. This documentary series provides an intimate look into their relationship and experiences.

Art Reflecting Their Relationship: Collecting Works by Richard Prince

Victoria also discussed how their art collection reflects their relationship.

She mentioned that they’ve acquired pieces by American artist Richard Prince, known for transforming existing images into artworks.

One of these artworks is particularly special as it features Victoria as Posh Spice in the “Say You’ll Be There” video.

David, back when he was with Manchester United, pointed to Victoria on the screen and said to Gary Neville, ‘I’m going to marry her.’

The Intersection of Art Styles: Tracey Emin Neon and Monet’s Paintings

Victoria revealed their diverse art collection, which includes a neon work by Tracey Emin with the words ‘I promise to love you.’

She found the energy of this piece endearing.

She also highlighted the unique contrast between classic works like Rembrandt and her contemporary interests in fashion and architecture.

A Personal Connection with Art: Instincts and Emotional Responses

For Victoria, her interaction with art is deeply personal. She mentioned her instinctual response to Monet’s “Houses of Parliament” series, describing the profound experience of seeing the paint seemingly radiating from the canvas.

These moments of connection and emotion fuel her passion for art, even if she doesn’t claim to be an art expert.

Conclusion: The Beckhams’ Artistic Journey and Growing Together

Victoria Beckham’s revelation about her and David’s shared love for art showcases how their relationship continues to evolve and deepen.

Their journey into the world of art, guided by Elton John’s influence, has opened up new horizons and provided them with a unique bond beyond their well-known careers and public life.

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