: Police officer suggests that Prison escape of Daniel Abed Khalife could been an ‘inside job’

Investigation into Daniel Khalife’s Prison Escape

Escaped Terror Suspect Prompts Investigation

The escape of Daniel Khalife, a terror suspect, from a London prison has led to a thorough investigation, including the possibility of an “inside job.” Authorities are conducting a search operation in Richmond Park to locate him.

Pre-planned Escape Raises Concerns

Khalife, a former soldier, managed to escape from HMP Wandsworth by attaching himself to a food delivery van, a pre-planned act that raised serious concerns. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley expressed his concerns about the escape, emphasizing that it appeared to be a well-thought-out plan and unlikely to be a spontaneous act.

Investigation Explores Inside Help

The possibility of assistance from prison staff is being investigated as part of the escape. Authorities are looking into whether Khalife received help from individuals inside the prison, such as other inmates or guards. Additionally, they are examining whether there was any external assistance involved.

Intensive Search Operation in Richmond Park

Richmond Park, a large area in southwest London, became the focus of a police search operation, with all exits and entrances reportedly sealed. The search effort includes the use of helicopters to locate Khalife, who is known to have connections to Kingston, a nearby area.

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Questions Over Prison Categorization

Questions have arisen regarding why Khalife was held in a Category B prison like HMP Wandsworth. Justice Secretary Alex Chalk confirmed an independent investigation into the matter, along with reviews regarding the categorization and placement of prisoners in similar situations.

Nationwide Search and Public Assistance

A nationwide search for Khalife is underway, involving a significant number of officers and cooperation from various law enforcement agencies. Authorities are encouraging the public to report any information that may aid in his capture.

A Resourceful Escapee

Khalife’s escape has puzzled investigators, as there have been no confirmed sightings since he fled prison. The former soldier’s training and resourcefulness have complicated the search efforts, making it imperative to gather any leads from the public.

Security Checks and Vigilance

While there is no reason to believe Khalife poses an immediate threat to the public, authorities urge people not to approach him but to call 999 if they spot him. Security checks have been enhanced at major transport hubs across the UK to ensure public safety.

A Controversial Prison’s Role

The escape has also shed light on HMP Wandsworth’s performance and staffing levels. Chief Inspector of Prisons Charlie Taylor has expressed concerns about the prison’s suitability and suggested that it may not be an ideal facility.

Repercussions and Speculations

The investigation into Khalife’s escape has raised questions about prison categorization and the adequacy of security measures. Speculations about whether he had assistance and why he was not held in a higher-security facility continue to circulate. Khalife’s links to various locations across the UK have led to an extensive search operation.

A Former Inmate’s Perspective

Former inmates at HMP Wandsworth have shared their perspective, noting that Khalife’s escape appeared surprising given the security measures in place. One former inmate mentioned that Khalife had made remarks about becoming famous but didn’t seem like an immediate escape risk.

Background on Daniel Khalife

Daniel Khalife, who was awaiting trial on charges related to planting a fake bomb and gathering information for potential terrorist activities, was discharged from the Army in May 2023. He has denied the charges against him and was last seen wearing specific clothing described by authorities.

Disruptions and Temporary Closures

Enhanced security checks temporarily closed sections of the M20 in Kent, causing disruptions to traffic as part of the search effort.

Continued Hunt and Widespread Coverage

The hunt for Khalife continues, covering various regions across the UK. Although police stopped a man at Banbury train station in Oxfordshire, he was not the escaped suspect, according to Scotland Yard.