Cooper Pugh is enraged following the Mermaid Beach theft

Cooper Pugh is enraged following the Mermaid Beach theft

A robbery victim who found stolen items worth $20,000 alleges police failed to assist in apprehending the criminals despite providing them with their precise location.

When his Gold Coast home was broken into at about 8 p.m. on Saturday when Cooper Pugh, 28, was out with his boyfriend to a movie and his two flatmates were abroad for the holiday weekend, thousands of dollars’ worth of valuables were stolen.

By destroying a window, the burglars entered the Venice Street residence in Mermaid Beach and took computers, Airpods, two iPads, a Canon camera, jewelry, shoes, luggage, and a change jar.

Mr. Pugh discovered the stolen goods at an apartment complex after utilizing a monitoring device on one of the stolen products, and he asked authorities for assistance in recovering the goods.

According to Mr. Pugh, who spoke to the Courier Mail, “We received the tracking information at 9.30pm and it was five blocks down in an apartment complex.”

We have thus parked out front. We reported the original robbery to the police. We let them know once again where we had located the criminals. They were in a parking lot. We may have been able to locate it inside two or three vehicles. It was in the trunk of an automobile.

The cops promised to arrive, they claimed. We waited all day. Nobody arrived.

According to Mr. Pugh, one of the thieves was recognized because they were sporting a pair of his stolen Vans Half Cabs.

The 28-year-old contacted the police to let them know that they had located and been pursuing one of the thieves down the street.

When the culprit departed with a companion, Mr. Pugh and his partner went back to the apartment building and waited at the front door to make sure no vehicles had gone.

He comes over with a pal and they drive by pretty slowly. Really menacing-looking men Both are in their mid-forties, according to Mr. Pugh.

So when we made the decision to go, the automobile turned back, made a U-turn, and tried to catch up with us.

Police allegedly told Mr. Pugh they were on their way and would phone if they couldn’t find the address, but to his dismay, they never showed up.

Mr. Pugh asserts that despite making nine calls to the police over the course of the night to provide information and updates, he got no assistance.

The irate Mermaid Beach homeowner said that after flagging down an officer on the street, who informed him that it was a “very busy night,” he was unable to help.

Mr. Pugh said, “Twenty thousand worth of products with no care.”

The fact that they told us to wait outside the area where the offender was waiting for a squad vehicle that never arrived.

Mr. Pugh worries that the chance to get his stolen things back has gone since they are no longer in a definite place but rather are “on the move.”

According to Queensland Police, police were unable to help Mr. Pugh the night of the crime due to “operational demand.”

A Queensland Police spokeswoman said, “Police are investigating the burglary of a Venice St., Mermaid Beach home.”

“After the original complaint, the victim phoned police again to disclose further information, and inquiries were recorded.

Police were unable to get at the location because of operational demands, but an active investigation is still ongoing.

»Cooper Pugh is enraged following the Mermaid Beach theft«

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