Social Media Reacts to Rishi Sunak’s Quirky Family Christmas Card

Social Media Reacts to Rishi Sunak’s Quirky Family Christmas Card

Rishi Sunak’s Unusual Christmas Card

Rishi Sunak, the UK’s Prime Minister, unveiled an atypical black-and-white Christmas card that garnered mixed reactions online.

The card featured a family snapshot, portraying Sunak with his youngest daughter Anoushka, 10, while his wife Akshata Murthy, 43, walked alongside their eldest daughter Krishna, 12.

The photo had added festive elements like a Santa hat drawn on Sunak’s head, a Christmas tree beside his wife, and playful embellishments on their family dog, Nova.

Social Media Responses

The unconventional design sparked varied responses on social media platforms. Some users expressed surprise and skepticism, with comments ranging from questioning the authenticity of the card to humorously remarking on the family’s attire and the festive accessories in the photo.

Others jokingly teased the Prime Minister regarding his wealth and the simplicity of the card’s design.

Tradition of No10 Christmas Cards

The Sunak family’s Christmas card follows a tradition where cards are sent to world leaders, embassies, and influential groups.

Last year’s card depicted the family baking together in a Downing Street kitchen. Similar cards from previous years, including those from Boris and Carrie Johnson, often featured their pets or family activities during the festive season.

Historical No10 Christmas Cards

The tradition of personalized Christmas cards from No10 Downing Street has seen a range of unique snapshots over the years.

Previous cards showcased the Blairs with their children, the Camerons’ family portraits, and illustrations chosen by various Prime Ministers and their families.

Unique Touches in Past Years

Notable instances included Boris Johnson’s card featuring their dog Dilyn playing in the snow and David Cameron’s family portraits.

The range of choices, from personal family moments to illustrations by constituents or renowned artists, illustrates the diverse approaches adopted by different political figures over time.