Confusion and Frustration Reign as Drivers Slam Newly Built £20 Million Roundabout in Basingstoke, Hampshire

Confusion and Frustration Reign as Drivers Slam Newly Built £20 Million Roundabout in Basingstoke, Hampshire

In Basingstoke, Hampshire, drivers are voicing their discontent over a newly constructed £20 million roundabout, labeling it an ‘absolute disaster.’

This sentiment arises from the confusion caused by the roundabout’s layout, leaving many unsure of which lanes to navigate.

Despite two years of construction and only being operational for a brief two months, the Brighton Hill roundabout has become a focal point of criticism among road users in the area.

Road Users’ Critique

Motorists in Basingstoke have been vocal about their dissatisfaction with the Brighton Hill roundabout, describing it as a ‘complete waste of money’ and an ‘accident blackspot.’

HGV driver Martin Squires labeled it an ‘accident zone,’ citing issues with the layout, signage, and white lines.

These sentiments are echoed by other drivers, including 65-year-old Audrey Groom and her daughter Laura Llewellyn, who find the roundabout confusing and potentially hazardous.

Public Concerns and Frustrations

Residents and commuters alike express frustration over the significant sum of money invested in the roundabout’s construction, questioning its effectiveness and safety.

Concerns are raised about accidents and difficulties faced by less experienced drivers.

Lesley Dewey, a retired teacher, emphasizes the confusing nature of the roundabout, particularly its three-lane configuration, which poses risks for drivers.

She suggests the installation of cameras to monitor potential accidents and ensure public safety.

Challenges in Navigation

Zoltan Racz, a 50-year-old marketing professional, highlights the lack of clear signage and lane markings, contributing to the roundabout’s confusion.

He expresses disappointment in the roundabout’s failure to improve transportation in the area, a sentiment shared by his family.

His daughter, Boglarka, currently learning to drive, faces challenges navigating the roundabout, requiring advanced preparation from her instructor.

Pedestrian Concerns

Changes to the roundabout also impact pedestrians, who previously utilized an underpass for crossing.

With the introduction of traffic lights and alterations to pedestrian routes, concerns arise regarding safety and accessibility.

David Appleby acknowledges the need for improvements but suggests that drivers adapt to the changes over time.

Council Response and Future Plans

Hampshire County Council acknowledges public feedback and announces plans to address concerns by relocating traffic signs and improving visibility of traffic signals.

These adjustments aim to enhance driver awareness and facilitate smoother traffic flow.

The council emphasizes ongoing monitoring and collaboration with local stakeholders to optimize road safety and efficiency.


The Brighton Hill roundabout in Basingstoke emerges as a source of frustration and concern among drivers, highlighting the importance of effective urban planning and infrastructure development.

As authorities work to address public grievances and enhance road safety measures, community engagement and ongoing monitoring remain crucial in mitigating risks and improving transportation systems for all road users.