Community Groups Unite in Support of Asylum Seekers in Llanelli Amid Controversy

Community Groups Unite in Support of Asylum Seekers in Llanelli Amid Controversy

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. Various community groups, churches, charities, food banks, trade unions, and political parties have joined forces to demonstrate their solidarity with asylum seekers in Llanelli.


A community meeting was held on Thursday evening at Glenalla Civic Hall to address the arrival of up to 300 people at the Stradey Park Hotel in Furnace.

Concerns Raised by Local Council and Home Office Response

Carmarthenshire County Council expressed deep concerns regarding the Home Office’s plan and its potential impact on the cohesion of the local community and the capacity of the area’s services.

The Home Office responded by stating its commitment to minimizing the use of hotels for accommodating asylum seekers.

Highlighting the Plight of Vulnerable Asylum Seekers

Steve Kelshaw, the spokesperson for the group that convened on Thursday, acknowledged the flawed decision regarding the planned arrival but emphasized the importance of supporting the vulnerable individuals who often flee from dire circumstances.

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He urged the community to refrain from scapegoating asylum seekers and to keep an open mind and heart.

Mapping Out Support and Encouraging Compassion

The group’s objectives include establishing a support network through collaboration with church groups, food banks, and charities in anticipation of the potential arrival of asylum seekers.


They also aim to counter divisive language and politics surrounding the asylum seeker debate, appealing for open-mindedness and compassion.

Plans for Support and Accurate Information

Efforts are underway to develop initiatives such as English classes, voluntary work, sports activities, access to food banks, and social opportunities to provide support for asylum seekers.

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The group intends to compile factual information about asylum seekers and refugees to counter misinformation and provide accurate knowledge to the local community.

Upholding Human Dignity and Wales’ Tradition of Compassion

The group emphasizes that the core issue revolves around vulnerable human beings seeking refuge from appalling circumstances.

They express concerns about external groups exploiting legitimate concerns of local residents.

Llanelli has a history of welcoming people from different countries, and the community is encouraged to continue demonstrating kindness and compassion.

Sustaining Wales’ Tradition as a Nation of Sanctuary

Wales has rightfully established itself as a Nation of Sanctuary, known for its welcoming and supportive community.

The focus is on upholding basic human dignity, offering support, warmth, and friendship to vulnerable individuals.


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The group urges the community to maintain this tradition and resist division.

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