Commercial Flooring: How it Impacts Culture, Productivity and More

You may be browsing flooring options because you’re tired of the drab corridor or the carpets are starting to fray. In many cases, companies unfortunately place flooring replacements far too low on the priority list. You’ve probably been missing out on high productivity, simply because of the flooring you keep around!

Flooring? Will the commercial flooring Melbourne companies make a difference in their bottom-line?

Absolutely! Here’s why!

Reduce On-Site Injuries

A common problem that results in downtime or employees needing to call in sick is getting hurt while working. Consider how someone can injure themselves slipping while on the factory floor or just taking food to a client in a restaurant. But you decrease the risk of this happening by simply installing the right commercial flooring, such as a non-slip surface. 

Let Employees Feel Safe and Cared for

By adding flooring that is more conducive to the work environment, you’re proving that you care for your team. They’ll feel safe and more confident performing tasks. If you’re spending some money to make your workers safe, it sends a message that higher management prioritises worker needs, not just showing a profit. 

Help Workers Feel More Motivated

A direct outflow of creating healthier, safer work environments is that it can result in higher productivity. For one thing, it’s been proven that employees who are aware that employers take their safety into consideration will work much harder, out of loyalty and gratitude. 

Keep it Quiet

Employees may also appreciate a work environment where there are fewer distractions, so they can focus on their tasks much easier. This is possible by using new commercial flooring that is less noisy to walk on than tiles or other outdated flooring. 

For offices where multiple people share one space, this can be an effective tool to make team members feel more positive about coming into the office to get work done.  

Pay Less on Insurance Claims

As mentioned, flooring can easily lead to injuries. It only takes an accidental spill for someone to slip and hurt themselves. If it can be proven that you’ve been negligent about the safety of workers on your property, there’s a chance that you’ll pay a lot in insurance claims. 

Not so if you redo your flooring. 

Firstly, by creating a better surface, there is less chance of someone getting hurt. Furthermore, doing your part in managing safety on site means others can’t easily point the finger at you when something does go wrong. 

Make Maintenance Cheaper and Easier

You may have been paying a lot on maintenance too? Certain surfaces, such as fluffy carpets, are difficult and expensive to keep clean. From cleaning products to labour costs for the cleaners responsible for looking after the flooring, your maintenance costs can escalate very quickly. And let’s not even mention what you’ll pay if you need to replace it!

Why not replace it once with the right type of flooring and start saving? You’ll spend much less on cleaning and detergents. Also, there’s less chance of you having huge expenses if a floor does get damaged. For example, with commercial carpet tiles you’ll only pay for the sections you replace, instead of needing to redo an entire room. 

Impress Your Guests

While you’re doing the commercial flooring for you and your team’s benefit, do consider how it can impact clients and other visitors. Commercial flooring looks professional, so it will boost respect for your brand. This can be one of the reasons why certain customers put their trust in you and become regular clients, making your commercial flooring a valuable role player in sales figures. 

Also, you can use it to showcase brand colours as part of your branding campaign. 

Property Longevity

It’s smart business to invest in products that will serve you for a long time. If you need to replace furniture or flooring within months of acquiring it, you’re using valuable capital that could have benefited the brand in another way.

Commercial flooring is manufactured with longevity in mind. Products like carpet tiles and vinyl can endure traffic, even in busy spaces such as a reception area or a factory floor. They won’t easily show wear and tear or start deteriorating. Therefore, you won’t have to spend on flooring again any time soon! 

Final Words

One change in your office, factory, restaurant or any commercial space could be what you need to end this year on a higher note. With fairly little disruption of revamping the space using vinyl or commercial carpets Melbourne businesses are sure to notice a difference in various aspects of the business—from sales, to sick days to production numbers. These outcomes make the temporary disorder in the office worth it.

We’ve clearly shown the value! And when you use reputable vendors, your downtime will be minimal. 

What other unique strategies are you using to improve or scale your business? 

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