Clearance Granted: Ramaphosa’s Security Team and Media Allowed to Depart Poland After Diplomatic Row

Clearance Granted: Ramaphosa’s Security Team and Media Allowed to Depart Poland After Diplomatic Row

…By Roland Peterson for TDPel Media. Reports confirm that the aircraft carrying members of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s security team, along with journalists, has received clearance to depart from Warsaw in Poland.


The chartered plane, operated by South African Airways and arranged by the South African National Defence Force, was transporting approximately 120 individuals, including journalists.

Initially, the plane was barred from entering Poland due to the absence of original permits for the weapons onboard.

Purpose of the Trip and Diplomatic Tensions

President Ramaphosa, alongside African counterparts from Senegal, Zambia, and Egypt, is scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky.

The objective of the meeting is to aid in the resolution of the ongoing conflict that began in February 2022 when the Kremlin invaded Ukraine, the neighboring country.

Clearance Granted, Disembarkation Issues Remain Unclear

According to News24, clearance has been granted for the chartered plane to depart from Warsaw.

However, it remains unclear why President Cyril Ramaphosa’s security team and members of the media were initially prevented from disembarking upon landing at Warsaw Airport.


Allegations of Sabotage and Racism

This incident has resulted in a diplomatic dispute between South Africa and Poland.

General Wally Rhoode, the head of President Ramaphosa’s security team, accused the Polish government of intentionally sabotaging their mission and levied allegations of racism.

He expressed concern about the safety of the President, stating that the delays caused by the Polish authorities prevented their timely arrival in Kyiv.

Rhoode is quoted as saying to SABC News, “They are putting the life of our President in jeopardy.

Because we could have been in Kyiv by now, and this is all they are doing.

I want you guys to see how racist they are.”

Note: The provided title and subtitles offer a comprehensive overview of the situation, covering the clearance to depart, the diplomatic tensions, the unclear disembarkation issues, and the allegations made by General Rhoode.

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