Clash between Minister and Speaker of the House over Policy Announcement

Clash between Minister and Speaker of the House over Policy Announcement

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. The pair clashed on Thursday after a question was asked over the minister’s so-called u-turn on the “bonfire” of EU laws.


Ms Badenoch had angered Mr Hoyle by announcing the change of policy in a written statement and not before the Commons – but she was requested back to the House by the Speaker to answer questions.

Speaker’s Discontent:

He said: “I would remind the government that we are elected to hear it first: not to read it in the Telegraph, and certainly not a WMS is satisfactory on such an important matter.”

Mr Hoyle expressed his discontent with the government, highlighting the importance of members hearing important information directly in the House.

Clash of Words:

When Ms Badenoch began her response with an apology, some MPs in the Commons booed and jeered.

Mr Hoyle intervened, calling for order and criticizing her statement as “totally not acceptable.”

He questioned her authority, saying, “Who do you think you are speaking to? I think we need to understand each other.


I am the defender of this House and these benches on both sides.”

Asserting the Importance of Members:

Mr Hoyle firmly asserted the rights of members to hear important information firsthand, emphasizing their elected status and the need for respectful communication.

He urged the government to recognize that all MPs are elected representatives and should be treated accordingly.

Apology and Background of Sir Lindsay Hoyle:

Ms Badenoch apologized for her comment, ending the immediate confrontation.

However, it raises the question of who Sir Lindsay Hoyle is and provides insight into his background.

Born in 1957, he has been involved in politics from a young age, following his father’s footsteps in the Labour Party.

He gained experience as a councillor and eventually became the Speaker of the House of Commons in 2019.

Summary and Commentary:

The clash between Ms Badenoch and Sir Lindsay Hoyle underscores the importance of transparent communication and respect within the House of Commons.


The Speaker’s strong stance on the matter reflects his commitment to upholding parliamentary traditions and ensuring that MPs have the opportunity to hear crucial information directly.

His demand for “correct manners” highlights the need for professionalism and courtesy in parliamentary proceedings.

This incident sheds light on the significance of proper communication channels and the expectation that elected representatives should be given priority in receiving important announcements.


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