John Legend’s Amusing Interaction with Fans in the Photo Booth

John Legend’s Amusing Interaction with Fans in the Photo Booth

At the 2024 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue launch party, John Legend experienced a humorous moment with a group of female fans while entering a photo booth.

Despite initial claims by one of the women that Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, had forcibly removed them from the booth they had waited 30 minutes to use, confirmed that this was not the case.

The incident, which gained attention through a since-deleted TikTok video, depicted Legend politely asking the women if he and his spouse could “sneak in” for a few quick photos.

The women did not seem to mind cutting their time short, leading to a friendly encounter.

Model Vicky Zesu, one of the women in the video, even shared a sweet photo with Legend afterward, highlighting the amicable nature of their interaction. TikToker Winta Zesu also posted a snap with the 12-time Grammy winner.

A Warm Exchange Captured on Camera

The TikTok video begins with Legend and Teigen entering the photo booth that Zesu, her sister, and a friend were using.

Legend’s voice can be heard offscreen saying, “We’re gonna sneak in if you don’t mind.” One of the women responds affirmatively, allowing the singer and his wife to join them.

After entering, Legend and Teigen waited patiently as the women gathered their belongings, with Legend telling them to “take all your time” before they left.

The clip shows the couple observing the women as they collected their things. At one point, Legend leaned in to whisper something to Teigen, adding a personal touch to the moment.

The video concludes with one of the women attempting to print the photos, apologizing for any mistakes made in the process.

A Star-Studded Celebration

The 2024 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue launch party celebrated its 60th anniversary and attracted numerous celebrities, including Chrissy Teigen, who graced one of the covers.

Teigen, alongside models like Kate Upton, Gayle King, and Hunter McGrady, was a highlight of the event.

She wore a stunning silver, rhinestone-embellished top paired with a matching gold miniskirt, open-toed strappy heels, and her brunette locks cascading in light waves past her shoulders. John Legend complemented her stylishly in a black suit with a white shirt and sleek black dress shoes.

Chrissy Teigen’s Triumphant Return to Sports Illustrated

Later in the day, Chrissy Teigen was seen in a more casual outfit after visiting the Empire State Building in New York City. She donned fitted black leggings, a black shirt, and a light brown sweater, showcasing her versatility in style.

This month marked a significant milestone for Teigen as she appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, ten years after her first cover.

In an Instagram post celebrating the achievement, Teigen expressed her gratitude: “10 years since my first @si_swimsuit cover and I am so happy to be back with my family! Thank you so, so much for being there through so many different stages of my life and for always loving and rooting for me.”

Reflections on a Decade with Sports Illustrated

Teigen continued to reflect on her journey with Sports Illustrated, stating, “Getting to shoot for you has always been a career highlight – you guys taught me that I could be more than I ever imagined for myself.”

She also expressed deep appreciation for individuals like MJ Day and Yutsai, who have supported her since day one.

Teigen noted, “I love you so much @mj_day, my day 1. The greatest example of a champion, boss, mom, and friend,” and, “I love you so much @yutsai88, also my day 1. Shooting with you is the easiest day of belly laughs and dirty jokes.”

Sports Illustrated shared Teigen’s cover photo, stating, “From the moment she became a rookie, it was clear Chrissy Teigen was going to be a star, and bringing her back for a solo cover a decade later was an easy decision.”

The publication praised Teigen for representing SI Swimsuit while simultaneously growing her brand as a best-selling author, businesswoman, and TV personality.

This cover marks Teigen’s ninth year with SI Swimsuit and her second solo cover.

In conclusion, the 2024 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue launch party was a memorable event, highlighted by John Legend’s light-hearted interaction with fans and Chrissy Teigen’s triumphant return to the magazine’s cover.

The celebration underscored Teigen’s enduring impact on the fashion world and her remarkable journey over the past decade.