Chris Gascoyne Bids Farewell to ‘Coronation Street’ as Peter Barlow

Peter Barlow’s Explosive Exit from ‘Corrie’ Revealed

Actor Chris Gascoyne, who has portrayed Peter since 2000, will be leaving the show at the end of the year.

The report discusses the character’s recent storyline and what viewers can expect from his exit.

Long-Running Character’s Farewell

The report highlights the significance of Chris Gascoyne’s character, Peter Barlow, who has been part of the show for over two decades.

Chris Gascoyne first appeared as Peter back in 2000 and has been a regular on the cobbles ever since.

However, it’s now been revealed he’ll leave Weatherfield at the end of the year.

Character’s Current Struggles

Peter recently got revenge on serial killer Stephen Reid, but is now facing prison and struggling with booze and drugs.

Soap Boss Hints at Exit

The report quotes the show’s boss, Iain Macleod, who provides insight into Peter Barlow’s upcoming exit storyline.

Macleod emphasizes the emotional and nuanced ending for the character.

MacLeod told Manchester Evening News: “We were very clear when we started the chapter of this story that we didn’t want him to fall off the wagon again so you won’t see that, we thought it was important as a transplant recipient that he didn’t drink again as we were worried about the messaging, but that does not mean that he won’t profoundly struggle psychologically and that will start to impact on his level of happiness in Coronation Street.”

Peter and Carla’s Relationship

“And it all builds up to this incredibly surprising Christmas Day episode, then there’s a huge two-hander between the two of them, more or less they are the only two cast in the episode.”

Emotional Farewell and Future Return

Additionally, it hints at the possibility of Peter returning to the show in the future.

Chris was snapped shooting his exit scenes, airing on Boxing Day, which see him jumping onto a tram to Piccadilly.

Alison King, who plays Carla, suggested Peter would return to Corrie in the future.

She said: “Oh I hate it when he leaves me, it’s horrible.

But luckily I just hand him over to his normal wife for a bit and then he comes back to his on-screen wife for a bit.”