Chris Christie Condemns Trump’s ‘Crazy’ Behavior, Slams Nikki Haley for ‘Enabling’ Him

Chris Christie Condemns Trump’s ‘Crazy’ Behavior, Slams Nikki Haley for ‘Enabling’ Him

Chris Christie Sounds Alarm on Trump’s Escalating Behavior

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is raising concerns about Donald Trump’s mental state, asserting that the ex-president is becoming ‘crazier’ as the 2024 election approaches.

In a scathing critique, Christie accused Nikki Haley of ‘enabling’ Trump by suggesting he is fit for another term, expressing his disbelief that the former president is gaining support despite controversial remarks.

Disgust at Trump’s Quoting of Putin

Christie, in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, expressed his disgust at Trump quoting Russian President Vladimir Putin during a recent rally in New Hampshire.

He emphasized that Trump’s behavior is worsening and criticized the ex-president for seeking support from a leader known for questionable actions globally.

Christie’s Call for Action

The anti-Trump candidate urged voters to pay attention to Trump’s rhetoric, particularly citing his recent remarks, and stressed the need for scrutiny as the election season progresses.

Christie emphasized the importance of holding Trump accountable for divisive statements and urged voters to consider the implications of supporting a candidate who associates with controversial figures.

Haley’s Alleged Lack of Condemnation

While acknowledging Nikki Haley’s position as a 2024 competitor, Christie criticized her for not taking a stronger stance against Trump’s behavior. He accused her of not condemning Trump forcefully enough and suggested that her unwillingness to rule out the vice presidency under Trump’s leadership compromises her ability to be a serious contender in the race.

Christie’s Determination to Defeat Trump

Chris Christie asserted his commitment to defeating Donald Trump in the 2024 primary race, positioning himself as the most staunchly anti-Trump candidate.

Despite potential collaborations with other candidates, Christie emphasized that he is solely focused on challenging Trump and ensuring voters recognize the significance of rejecting divisive rhetoric in American politics.