Check Out 7 Amazing Nail Trends You Should Try In 2023

Check Out 7 Amazing Nail Trends You Should Try In 2023

From Hailey Bieber’s glazed-doughnut nails and TikTok’s red-nail theory to the contemporary French manicure, 2022 was a huge year for nail trends. The good thing is that you won’t have to worry about your nail art dying out any time soon since, in 2023, it will still be all the rage. 

If the current tendencies indicate, this year will be much more significant for nails. Never before have we seen such an abundance of novel styles and cutting-edge methods, thanks to the widespread availability of information and the proliferation of hair salons.

7 Amazing Nails trends for 2023!

The state of one’s nails is trending, emphasizing nail health, nail hydration, and the beauty of natural nails.

  1. Fine biab nails

Lacquered & Stripped Salon’s Treatwell Nail Expert Laurie Nicholl says, “BIAB is a soak-off gel that is harsher than conventional gel polish.” Wondering where the term “BIAB” came from? It was coined by the British company that pioneered the service, The Gel Bottle. Tiffany Abbigaile, a nail expert and content producer for The Gel Bottle, says, “Builder in a Bottle called BIAB is a spectrum of soak-off gel builders perfect for generating strong overlays and as a strengthening barrier for natural nails.”

You may expect a glossy, full, and strong nail in one of several available hues. Nicholl notes that biab nails are commonly seen in transparent or brightly colored varieties, particularly pink. However, if you prefer gel Manis, you can use both at once. Abbigaile says, “A gel nail color can be applied directly over BIAB, or you can take advantage of our BIAB color range and just top coat for stunning nude nails.” If nail art is your style, you may be as elaborate as you wish or go for a simple pink manicure.

  1. 3D Nail Designs

Nail artist Naomi Yasuda of New York City predicts the popularity of 3D nail art manicures, which celebrities like Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion have been seen sporting, to spread far beyond the realm of Hollywood in the coming years. Yasuda says this technique is effective because it “brings nail art to life” by adding dimension and texture.

If you want to achieve this look at home, Yasuda suggests using IBD hard gel, a builder gel; however, your will-gel nails require a UV or LED light to cure. You need an LED or UV nail lamp to cure the gel properly. Unlike soak-off gels, “hard gels have a thicker texture, making it considerably easier to construct shapes.”

  1. The Monochrome Manicure

When was the last time you googled “how to apply gel nails at home”? Remember that you have company. “Since lockdown, many of us have begun painting our nails at home, and of course, the goal is to master that professional salon appearance,” says Shelton. The monotone manicure is a style for 2023 that can look polished without requiring a lot of practice. Shelton notes that celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Kendal Jenner are sporting basic monochrome manicures and claiming they look “beautiful.” “Monochrome manis are perfect for folks who aren’t that confident with nail art,” she says.

Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we? A black-and-white manicure is essentially the same thing. There are many iterations of any fashion trend, but if you want to keep things straightforward, you may always go with solid colors of a single hue. Shelton advises always using a base coat and top coat at home to ensure that your manicure lasts as long as possible and looks its best.

  1. Nails Studded with Diamonds

Brittney Boyce, the owner of Nails of LA in Los Angeles, predicts a year of luxurious, bejeweled looks, such as diamond-encrusted nails. She continues, “We’re seeing more of these on shorter nails than on long, extended nails.” Nails, she argues, are the logical progression from using gemstones in cosmetics (thanks to Euphoria) and Taylor Swift’s bedazzled hand in the bejeweled music video. 

Stickers are an excellent alternative to nail jewels if you struggle with nail art. Press-on manicure alternatives with jewels and glitter are also available from brands like KISS imPress nails.

  1. Modified French Manicures

Though a French manicure is as conventional as it gets, occasionally switching things up with non-white tips never hurts. Add some nail art, studs, or a more complex case to your French manicure and hear us say, “We’re not just keeping it classic anymore”, declares Aaron.

You may shake things up by borrowing ideas from 2016’s fashions, such as the double French manicure, angled tips, or even inverted tips.

  1. Bright tones 

According to Bello, “2022 was all about neutrals; we enjoyed those cool beiges, browns, and whites.” We anticipate a shift toward bright and optimistic hues as the norm for nail polish in 2023. “Says Bello. Bello predicts that the summer of 2023 will see a rise in the popularity of blue, purple, yellow, and orange nail polish.

Want to try out some neon hues at your place? We recommend trying this trend in its most basic form by painting only one accent nail on each hand. To add contrast, keep the rest of your nails simple and neutral. Experiment with bright, fluorescent French tips or artistic, bold lines on your nails if you’re skilled at nail art.

  1. Your nails, but better

If dramatic nail art isn’t your thing, have no fear; there are options for you, too. Francis predicts that “on the flip side to Barbiecore,” people will like an “ultra-hydrated and naturally manicured look” at least into 2023. “The key is to keep your nails in good health and to nurse them back to health if they get damaged.” And there are many salon and at-home options for achieving this goal. The demand for nail care products like CND Rescue RXx and IBX has never been higher.

The abundance of rich creams, oils, and serums makes me feel like a queen. “It’s something I’ve been doing for quite some time, but recently I’ve noticed a surge in interest,” Francis adds. We believe this is the case because “cuticle oil advantages” has been a popular search word on Google during the previous three months.

Final Thoughts

When visiting the nail salon, even the most dedicated nail art devotees find themselves at a loss for inspiration. If you spend too much time at your monthly manicure place walking along the nail polish wall before settling on a color you’ve worn out a dozen times, it’s time for some creativity to help you freshen your nails. While sticking with a tried-and-true shade is good, trying out some of the year’s hottest nail art styles may be a lot of fun. 

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