Cdeen Token Set to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency Transactions with Instant Payment APIs.

Cdeen Token Set to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency Transactions with Instant Payment APIs.

Summary: Cdeen, an on-chain decentralized platform, excitedly unveils various useful applications, such as Instant Payment APIs for merchants and users to help convert tokens effortlessly.

Cdeen has established itself as a leading on-chain decentralized exchange provider that revolutionizes cryptocurrency transactions with Instant Payment APIs. This holistic approach aims to revolutionize the way users interact with digital currencies, offering unprecedented speed and security in cryptocurrency transactions. The platform empowers users to know the conversion rate before sending the transaction and receiving the corresponding amount. The platform provides benefits through pricing and a reasonable spread in conversion rates.

With Instant Payment APIs, the platform allows merchants and users to seamlessly convert tokens in real time, focusing on the need for time-consuming processes associated with traditional exchanges. For instant token conversions, Cdeen will enable users to take advantage of favorable market conditions without wasting time. Users can execute transactions with unparalleled speed and efficiency. 

Cdeen offers different API commands for users, reserve and reserve contributors, including:

  • User API – The platform’s User API can be called by an Ethereum account, including normal and contract ones. 
  • Reserve Contributor API – This reserve has two types in Cdeen: Private Ones, which do not take public contributions, and Public Ones, which allow others to contribute funds. Additionally, this reserve contributor API can be used by any account in the Ethereum network.
  • Reserve Manager API – Cdeen’s API can be replaced by a different API which updates the rates of all existing pairs in one transaction.
  • Cdeen Operator API – In this API development, Cdeen supports a new pair of tokens and adds a new reserve to the network. The reserve is managed by its manager. 

Furthermore, Cdeen is committed to adopting cryptocurrency technology and making it accessible to all users. With Instant Payment APIs, the platform is poised to lead the charge towards a future where cryptocurrency transactions are fast, secure and convenient.

About Cdeen:

Cdeen, an on-chain decentralized exchange platform in the cryptocurrency technology landscape, which provides solutions for crypto users and merchants. Cdeen redefines the way individuals and businesses engage in digital commerce, driving progress and innovation within the industry with its proprietary token system.

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