Moroccan Catholic leader says it may take years to rebuild the damage of the earthquake.

Cardinal’s Appeal for Aid in Morocco

The leader of Morocco’s small Catholic community, Cardinal López Romero, has underscored the pressing needs of the Moroccan people as of September 11. He identified several critical necessities, with electricity being paramount, along with clothing, medicine, and food. However, he emphasized that beyond physical aid, the people of Morocco are grappling with profound psychological and spiritual impacts from recent events.

Challenges in Aid Distribution

Caritas Morocco, the local branch of the global Catholic charity, is facing significant challenges in distributing aid. These challenges include the country’s sparsely populated areas and extensive damage to infrastructure caused by recent events. Cardinal López Romero highlighted the efforts of Caritas Marrakech and Caritas Morocco in reaching out to authorities and other organizations willing to provide support amid a groundswell of solidarity and commitment.

Coordination and Global Community

Cardinal López Romero stressed the importance of coordination and unity within the global community to effectively aid the affected population. He acknowledged the substantial efforts of civil society organizations and the government in assisting those in need. He emphasized the Catholic community’s role in this collective effort to provide both emotional and practical support.

Gratitude for Solidarity

In closing, the cardinal expressed gratitude to the many individuals who have shown solidarity through messages, prayers, and tangible donations. He recognized the significance of these donations in acquiring the necessary aid for the affected people and contributing to the long-term reconstruction phase, which may span months or even years to rebuild what has been devastated. The cardinal emphasized that any assistance, no matter how substantial, is crucial in addressing the extensive recovery efforts ahead

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