Carter Efe’s actual age sparks online buzz as I’ve confirmed it.

Carter Efe’s actual age sparks online buzz as I’ve confirmed it.

Nigerian Comedian Carter Efe’s Age Revelation Sparks Backlash

Nigerians were recently stirred into a frenzy following the disclosure of the true age of renowned comedian Carter Efe. The uproar ignited when the multifaceted entertainer confronted an unexpected situation, declining to share the stage with Berri Tiga.

The On-Stage Confrontation

During an event, Carter Efe shocked his audience with an abrupt refusal to perform alongside Berri Tiga, citing previous online clashes as his rationale. He openly questioned the idea of befriending someone offline who had engaged in online feuds with him, expressing disdain for the prospect.

Efe’s Blunt Remarks

Onstage, Carter Efe expressed, “I’ve been told I gave someone 5%. This useless boy comes backstage, saying he wants to perform with me. You quarrel with me online but now seek friendship offline. Where does that happen? If it were easy, he’d have another number 1 song. He’s truly insane, God punish Berri Tiga.”

Public Reaction and Age Speculation

Swiftly, netizens weighed in, suggesting that Efe’s reaction typified immaturity and possibly validated his claimed age. Many opined that his outburst exemplified traits fitting someone of his alleged age, solidifying their belief in his earlier assertion.

Verifying the Age Claim

Carter Efe had previously stirred controversy by asserting his age as 22, providing evidence to support this declaration. Reacting to the recent incident, several online users echoed their newfound conviction in the accuracy of his age claim.

Public Commentary on Efe’s Behavior

@nohpheesat affirmed, “Now I believe he’s not lying about his age.”

@chappychase confirmed, “Truly this boy is 22yrs old. I have verified it.”

@saint12392 empathized, “Efe is just acting his age; a normal 22-year-old would react similarly.”

@phoenixthe1st remarked, “He indeed didn’t lie about his age. These boys need to mature.”

@msquaredizz_ criticized, “So childish.”

@donbabazino4256 observed, “A mentality of a young boy.”

@laura_baby echoed, “Now I’m convinced he’s not fabricating his age.”


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