Nollywood Actress Lizzy Gold Sparks Online Buzz with Terrifying Movie Scene

Nollywood Actress Lizzy Gold’s Shocking Movie Scene

Lizzy Gold, a prominent figure in Nigeria’s Nollywood industry, has recently stirred a whirlwind of reactions on social media with a hair-raising movie scene she shared.

The Chilling Scene: “The Sacrifice”

In the video, Lizzy Gold, a mother of two, is depicted calmly walking into a coffin, lying down inside, and then having the coffin closed by an unseen hand.

This scene is part of a film titled “The Sacrifice.”

Netizens’ Mixed Reactions

The video triggered a wide range of responses from fans and admirers of the actress, with many expressing their shock and disbelief.

Tina Stesh’s Comment

User43423180058117 Tina stesh couldn’t hide her amazement and wrote, “Madam, you no dey fear coffin??” Her comment reflects the astonishment of many viewers.

Getrude’s Reluctance

Getrude, on the other hand, expressed her unwillingness to take on such a role, saying, “I can’t act on such a part, never.”

Support for Actors

@vee chimed in with a plea for actors and actresses to enjoy their money in peace, highlighting the humor in the situation.

Mixed Reactions Continue

The comments section was filled with a variety of reactions, with some praising Lizzy Gold’s courage and others firmly rejecting the idea of participating in such a scene.

Conclusion: A Bold Move in the Name of Art

Lizzy Gold’s daring performance in “The Sacrifice” clearly ignited a debate among her fans and followers, with opinions divided on whether they would ever take on a similar role, even for the sake of money.

This episode serves as a reminder of the fine line that actors and actresses often tread between art and personal boundaries.

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