Cameroonian Singer Dencia Challenges Claim of Limited Bikin Bag Purchases by Nigerian Celebrities

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media. Cameroonian singer, Reprudencia Sonkey, professionally known as Dencia, has responded to a claim suggesting that only two Bikin bags can be purchased within a year.


A video featuring a woman criticizing Nigerian celebrities for dishonestly flaunting their multiple Bikin bag acquisitions went viral, emphasizing that obtaining these bags is not as effortless as portrayed online.

Dencia took to social media to challenge these allegations, asserting that 99% of African celebrities possess counterfeit bags.

She explained that many celebrities do not purchase their bags from Bikin stores.


However, she acknowledged that individuals can indeed accumulate numerous luxury bags within a year if they possess the financial means.

Dencia emphasized that while the claim about Bikin bags might be false, misinformation often circulates online.

Reason for Opting for Surrogacy: Fulfilling the Dream of Motherhood

Meanwhile, popular Nigerian actress, Ini Edo, recently disclosed the reasons behind her decision to have her daughter through surrogacy.

In 2021, the talented actress announced the birth of her daughter through surrogacy, explaining that it was a means to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother.

In a recent interview with Chude Jideonwo, Edo revealed that she had been experiencing recurrent miscarriages, which eventually wore her down emotionally.


As she did not have a husband at the time, she made the difficult choice to pursue surrogacy.

The Emotional Toll and Controversy Surrounding Surrogacy

Further discussing her journey, the Nollywood star shared that she faced considerable backlash and controversy when news of her surrogacy became public.

The scrutiny and criticism surrounding the issue took a toll on her emotional well-being.

In fact, Edo revealed that she experienced a moment of distress and blanked out while sitting in her car, likely due to the overwhelming pressure and negative attention she received.


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