KPMG’s Global Internship Program Offers Hands-On Experience and International Exposure

KPMG’s Global Internship Program Offers Hands-On Experience and International Exposure

KPMG’s Global Internship Program (GIP) provides students with the chance to kickstart their global careers through a four-week rotation in another country.

Unlike typical vacation or job shadow programs, this initiative offers interns who have accepted internship offers with KPMG in their home countries the opportunity to expand their experience by working alongside seasoned professionals on client engagement teams.

Experience Building and Mentorship

During the program, global interns receive invaluable mentoring, performance management, and access to top-rated training, ensuring they have the necessary tools and support to thrive both professionally and personally.

This hands-on experience allows interns to build essential contacts in the international business arena, laying a solid foundation for their future careers.

Competitive Selection Process

KPMG offers program placements in tax, audit, and advisory fields, making the application process highly competitive.

The selection process is meticulously designed to assess candidates’ readiness to tackle international business challenges effectively.

Successful applicants receive placement support, including coverage for visa, flight, and lodging costs, to facilitate their international experiences.

Support and Guidance

Interns selected for the program are assigned a dedicated performance manager and mentor to guide them through their international journey and help them achieve their professional and personal goals.

KPMG’s Global Mobility team ensures interns receive comprehensive support to make the most out of their international experiences.

Ongoing Application Deadline

The application deadline for KPMG’s Global Internship Program is ongoing, providing aspiring global professionals with a continuous opportunity to apply and embark on their international career journey.

Interested individuals can apply by visiting the provided link and take the first step toward a rewarding global career with KPMG.