Segun Sowunmi, Ex-PDP Spokesperson, Mulls Move to APC, Cites Party’s Reform Stagnation

Atiku’s Former Spokesperson Contemplates APC Move

Segun Sowunmi, once the spokesperson for Atiku Abubakar’s 2023 People Democratic Party (PDP) presidential campaign, has hinted at the possibility of defecting to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Sowunmi expressed discontent with the PDP’s current state and hinted that he might make the move if the party doesn’t undergo necessary changes.

Call for Reform Ignites Defection Rumors

During a Twitter space discussion on the topic, ‘PDP leadership and role of opposition in democracy,’ Sowunmi highlighted his concerns about the PDP’s resistance to reform.

He emphasized that unless the party members embrace necessary changes, he may find himself aligning with the APC.

Lamenting PDP’s Resistance to Change

Sowunmi’s frustration with the PDP’s lack of reform was evident as he questioned the party’s commitment to change.

He pointed out that, despite his long-standing association with the party, the refusal to address critical issues might lead him to consider a move to the APC.

Historical Comparisons and Critique of Party Dynamics

In his remarks, Sowunmi drew historical parallels, referencing past leaders who have shifted allegiance based on party dynamics.

He questioned the fate of leaders who were once prominent within the PDP but have since distanced themselves from the party.

Expressing Willingness to Defect to APC

With a sense of urgency, Sowunmi addressed Daniel Bwala, a fellow ex-Atiku campaign spokesman, urging him to “keep space” in the APC for him.

This statement was a clear indication that Sowunmi is contemplating a potential shift to the APC if the PDP remains resistant to necessary reforms.

Reform Appeal and Defection Warning

Sowunmi’s passionate appeal for reform within the PDP serves as both a critique and a warning.

It signals a potential reshuffling of political alliances, as a former prominent figure in Atiku’s campaign contemplates a move to the APC.

The evolving situation adds another layer to the dynamic landscape of Nigerian politics.

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