Bullet Lodged in Necklace Saves Colorado Man’s Life in Dramatic Shooting Incident

Bullet Lodged in Necklace Saves Colorado Man’s Life in Dramatic Shooting Incident

In a remarkable turn of events, a Colorado man’s life was saved by a seemingly ordinary piece of jewelry. The man was involved in a violent altercation in Commerce City, just nine miles north of Denver, when a bullet struck his neck.

Remarkably, it was his silver chain that deflected the bullet, preventing a fatal injury.

The Incident

On a tense Tuesday evening, gunfire erupted in Commerce City, leading to a near-fatal encounter for an unnamed man.

During an argument, a .22 caliber bullet was fired at him. Incredibly, the bullet did not penetrate his neck as expected. Instead, it lodged itself in the man’s silver chain, which was only 10 millimeters wide.

The Commerce City Police Department noted that the necklace was “likely the only reason” the man survived the shooting.

The Necklace’s Role

Evidence photos provided by the police show the aftermath of the incident: a blood-stained portion of the necklace with a mangled bullet embedded within its links.

The chain, though a knockoff and not pure silver, played a crucial role in saving the man’s life. Police humorously remarked, “We’d say he really dodged a bullet– but in reality, he LODGED a bullet.”

They also speculated about the material of the chain, acknowledging that pure silver would have been too soft to stop a bullet.

Police Response and Arrest

The suspect involved in the shooting was arrested at the scene and is now facing attempted homicide charges. Details about the suspect’s identity have not been released.

The police emphasized the miraculous nature of the man’s survival, stating, “This silver chain– approximately ten millimeters in width– is likely the only reason the victim of a shooting we responded to yesterday is still alive.”

Similar Incident in Long Island

This extraordinary incident in Commerce City is not an isolated case of everyday objects saving lives during shootings. Just over a month ago, a man on Long Island was similarly saved by an unexpected item.

Suffolk County Police reported that on April 17, a man avoided injury when a bullet struck his wallet during a shooting at an apartment complex in Coram.

The Suffolk County Police detailed the incident, stating, “An unknown person fired multiple shots into a vehicle located at the intersection of Homestead Drive and Grant Court inside the Homestead Village Apartment Complex.

A bullet became lodged in the wallet of a man who was inside the vehicle. The man was not injured.” The wallet, tucked safely in the man’s pocket, prevented what could have been a serious injury or worse.

Reflections on These Incidents

These two incidents highlight the unpredictable nature of violent confrontations and the unexpected ways in which lives can be saved.

In both cases, ordinary objects—the silver chain and the wallet—served as improbable shields against bullets.

While these stories have happy endings, they underscore the broader issue of gun violence and the random nature of survival in such dangerous situations.


The story of the Colorado man whose silver chain deflected a bullet serves as a remarkable testament to the unexpected ways in which lives can be saved. While the chain’s exact material remains uncertain, its role in preventing a fatal injury is clear.

This incident, along with the Long Island shooting, reminds us of the unpredictable and often miraculous nature of survival amidst violence.

As authorities continue to address and prevent such incidents, these stories offer a glimmer of hope and resilience in the face of danger.

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