Bryan Adams Opens Up About Friendship with Princess Diana and Attempt to ‘Save’ Famous Women

Bryan Adams and Princess Diana: An Unlikely Friendship:

Renowned rock singer Bryan Adams has shared insights into his relationships with famous women, including the late Princess Diana.

Adams, known for hits like “Summer of ’69,” revealed that meeting the princess was one of the “greatest things” that happened to him. The two formed a close bond, but Adams clarified that despite rumors, their connection was that of good friends.

Awkward Beginnings and Shared Intellectual Bond:

Adams reminisced about an awkward first meeting with Princess Diana on a plane in the 1990s. Despite feeling embarrassed, the encounter led to a lasting friendship.

He highlighted the intellectual bond they shared, engaging in “really, really good conversations” that he finds both “strange and surreal” to reflect upon.

A Song About Diana: The Prelude to Friendship:

Before meeting Princess Diana, Adams had co-written a song titled “Diana” with Jim Vallance. The lyrics expressed Adams’s displeasure with her marriage, and when they met, Diana acknowledged the song, saying, ‘Yes, I know, very funny.

Actually I’d like to hear it again.’ This encounter initiated their friendship, evolving from a cup of tea at Kensington Palace.

Trying to ‘Save’ Princess Diana:

When asked if he tried to help Princess Diana in her final years, Adams responded affirmatively, admitting to attempting to ‘save’ her, albeit modestly.

He emphasized the genuine fondness he had for Diana, praising her as an “amazing woman and a super-great inspiration.”

Retiring a Song Out of Respect:

Despite the initial laddish humor in the song’s lyrics, inspired by Michael Fagan, Adams retired the song after Diana’s death out of respect for her and her sons, Princes William and Harry. The song, initially the B-side to his 1985 US No. 1, “Heaven,” took on a different significance after the tragic events.

Royal Connections Beyond Diana:

The Times article also mentions Bryan Adams’s other connections with the royal family. He had a rare 15-minute access to the Queen at Buckingham Palace, where he engaged in his second career—photography.

Adams was engaged to take an official portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, featured on a Canadian postage stamp. Additionally, Prince Harry attended an exhibition of Adams’s photos of injured veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts in 2014 when he was a British Army captain

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