Brittany Mahomes Faces Backlash for Alleged Rudeness to Stadium Employee After Chiefs’ AFC Victory

Allegations of Rudeness Surround Brittany Mahomes Following Chiefs’ AFC Victory

Brittany Mahomes, wife of star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, is facing criticism for her alleged ‘high horse’ attitude during an incident with a stadium employee at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

The controversy unfolded after Patrick and the Kansas City Chiefs secured their Super Bowl berth with a 17-10 win over the Ravens on Sunday.

Families, including notable figures like Travis Kelce’s girlfriend Taylor Swift, joined the celebration on the pitch.

Caught on Camera: Brittany Mahomes’ Interaction Sparks Backlash

A video captured the Mahomes family, including Patrick, Brittany, and brother Jackson, walking through the stadium’s corridors after leaving the field.

In the footage, Brittany is seen briskly asking a stadium employee, ‘where do we go from here?’ while making a circular motion with her finger.

The interaction did not sit well with some TikTok users, who accused her of rudeness, igniting a social media storm.

Social Media Erupts: Accusations of ‘High Horse’ Behavior

Critics on TikTok were quick to express their disapproval, with comments labeling Brittany’s behavior as ‘high horse’ and ‘extra.’

Some viewers took issue with her mannerisms, specifically noting the finger twirl, leading to a heated online debate.

The incident drew comparisons between Mahomes and other notable figures present, with some expressing a preference for Kelce and Swift.

Swift and Mahomes Friendship: Background Context

Brittany Mahomes’ friendship with Taylor Swift became a point of discussion, given their frequent attendance at games together.

The two have reportedly formed a close bond, with Mahomes even being invited to dine with Swift and her A-list friends in New York City.

The camaraderie between Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, coupled with Brittany’s association with Swift, has kept them in the public eye.

Past Controversy: Mahomes’ Tipping Incident

This isn’t the first time Brittany Mahomes has faced controversy. In a previous incident, a TikTok user and former employee of a luxury Hollywood hotel accused Mahomes of not tipping any staff during her stay.

The former soccer star was specifically called out for neglecting to tip on a $130 bill.

The accuser claimed Mahomes, accompanied by her entourage, did not leave any tips for various staff members during her week-long stay, further describing her as ‘unpleasant.’

Social Media Backlash Continues: Fans React to Mahomes’ Behavior

The ongoing social media backlash against Brittany Mahomes includes a spectrum of opinions, ranging from disapproval of alleged rudeness to discussions about tipping practices.

The controversies have fueled discussions on sports forums, with fans sharing their perspectives on Mahomes’ behavior in both incidents.

The scrutiny remains high as social media users dissect and debate the actions of the Mahomes family in the aftermath of the Chiefs’ AFC victory.

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