Survivors Detail Allegations Against Nigerian Evangelical Church Leader TB Joshua

Cult of Miracles and Manipulation

The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), founded by Temitope Balogun Joshua, known as TB Joshua, came under scrutiny for alleged abuse.

The church, known for miraculous healings, recruited followers globally, including numerous British youths, promising divine intervention.

Innocence Exploited: Recruitment and Isolation

Recruits like Rae and Anneka were drawn in by supposed miracles and hopes for solutions to personal struggles.

Upon arrival in Nigeria, they were coerced into staying for years, subjected to a rigid routine, surveillance, and isolation in dormitories, fostering dependency on Joshua’s teachings.

Systematic Manipulation and Control

Under the guise of spiritual devotion, Joshua’s followers were subjected to grueling schedules, sleep deprivation, and complete control over their lives, including their diets and activities.

Their isolation, lack of access to timekeeping, and strict regulations fueled their indoctrination.

Abuse of Power: Sexual Assault and Manipulation

Survivors spoke of psychological breakdowns, exhaustion, and continuous indoctrination, paving the way for Joshua’s alleged sexual abuses.

His control extended to secret sexual assaults, isolating and manipulating women who were allegedly subjected to repeated rapes and even secret abortions.

Campaign for Justice and the Aftermath

After years of manipulation, survivors like Rae and Anneka returned to the UK, disillusioned with Joshua’s true nature.

Campaigning for justice, they faced legal hurdles due to Joshua’s residence in Nigeria. Despite his death in 2021, SCOAN continues under his widow’s leadership.

TB Joshua’s Rise and Controversies

TB Joshua, born in poverty in Nigeria, rose to fame as a preacher claiming miraculous powers.

His church attracted millions, but controversies surrounded his claims of supernatural abilities, including allegations of mistreatment, fatal disease cures, and a building collapse that killed over 100 people.

Legacy and Unanswered Questions

Joshua’s death in 2021 left unanswered questions about his alleged abuses, financial dealings, and the church’s practices.

Despite survivors’ testimonies, legal actions faced obstacles, leaving doubts about accountability and justice for those affected by his alleged actions.

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