British woman takes her own life with poison bought from Amazon after joining online suicide forum

British woman takes her own life with poison bought from Amazon after joining online suicide forum

Tragic Suicide Prompts Concerns Over Online Forums and Lethal Substances Availability – 

In a distressing incident, a British woman, Chloe Macdermott, aged 43, took her own life using a poison obtained from Amazon after engaging in an online chat forum that encouraged suicide, according to an inquest.

The tragedy unfolded in 2021, when Chloe, who had been battling mental health issues, joined an unnamed online forum where she formed a pact with fellow members to carry out the act.

The assistant coroner, Paul Rogers, revealed that Chloe had purchased an undisclosed ‘product’ from the United States using Amazon, leading to her demise.

Chloe Macdermott’s Struggles and Online Engagement

Chloe had reportedly struggled with her mental health for several years, and her increasing suicidal thoughts led her to explore ways to end her life on the internet.

The inquest highlighted that she formed an association with two individuals on or about May 21, 2021, with plans to end her life.

The coroner, Paul Rogers, raised significant concerns over the online forum, emphasizing its lack of age restrictions to prevent access by vulnerable individuals.

He also noted the absence of effective administration to remove harmful content and the forum’s failure to provide prominent signposting for assistance.

Lethal Substance Procurement and Delivery

The assistant coroner questioned how Chloe was able to purchase and ingest the lethal substance, the details of which were redacted in the report, from Amazon in the United States.

He expressed concerns over the availability of such products on the internet and their easy procurement for individual use, particularly without effective border and customs controls.

The report highlighted Chloe’s ability to order the product online and have it delivered to her home in the UK, emphasizing the need for preventive action.

Coroner’s Actions and Warnings to Tech Giants

Following Chloe’s tragic suicide, Paul Rogers has written to Google and Amazon, urging them to address the alarming access to websites that encourage self-harm and the ease with which lethal substances can be acquired.

The Prevention of Future Deaths report emphasizes the need for stricter controls, age restrictions, and improved content moderation on online platforms.

The report has also been forwarded to key authorities, including Home Secretary James Cleverley, Health Secretary Victoria Atkins, Culture Secretary Lucy Fraser, and the police, who are expected to respond to the concerns by February.

The coroner stressed the urgent need for action to prevent future deaths, underscoring the responsibility of organizations to address these critical issues.

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