Tragic Wedding Fire Claims Over 100 Lives in Iraq’s Nineveh Province

Tragedy Strikes Wedding Celebration in Iraq

A devastating incident unfolded during a wedding party in Iraq’s Nineveh province, specifically in the Hamdaniya district.

Over 100 individuals, including the bride and groom, lost their lives in a tragic fire outbreak, while an additional 150 were left injured.

Search for Survivors in the Charred Ruins

Rescuers and emergency response teams worked tirelessly, searching through the charred remains of the building well into the early hours of Wednesday.

The scene was marked by chaos and heartbreak as families sought information about their loved ones.

Official Confirmation of the Death Toll

Nineveh Deputy Governor Hassan al-Allaq confirmed the staggering loss of 113 lives in the incident.

State media reports also placed the death toll at over 100, with an equally significant number of individuals sustaining injuries.

Fire Erupts During Wedding Celebration

The catastrophic fire erupted within a large events hall located in the north-eastern region of Iraq.

Reports suggest that the fire was ignited during the celebration when fireworks were set off. The blaze rapidly engulfed the premises, leading to a catastrophic outcome.

Eyewitness Accounts of the Tragedy

Eyewitnesses recounted the horrifying events, describing the fire as pulsating and engulfing the hall.

Those who managed to escape did so with great difficulty, while others tragically remained trapped inside. The incident left survivors emotionally shattered and in shock.

Factors Contributing to the Rapid Collapse

Preliminary information points to the building’s construction materials, which were highly flammable, as a contributing factor to the rapid collapse of the structure.

The vulnerability of the materials exacerbated the severity of the tragedy.

Emergency Response and Dispatch of Medical Teams

Federal Iraqi authorities and Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region swiftly responded to the disaster.

Ambulances and medical crews were dispatched to the site, and official statements conveyed the urgent efforts to provide medical assistance to the injured.

Timeline of the Incident

The fire ignited at approximately 10:45 p.m. local time (1945 GMT), catching hundreds of attendees off guard during the wedding celebration.

The incident unfolded rapidly, leaving a devastating impact on the community and the families affected by the tragedy.

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