Breaking: ICAI Unveils CA Foundation Examination Results: A Tale of Ambition and Achievement

Breaking: ICAI Unveils CA Foundation Examination Results: A Tale of Ambition and Achievement

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has revealed the results of the CA Foundation Examination conducted in December 2023 and January 2024. A total of 137,153 candidates, with a gender distribution of 71,966 males and 65,187 females, stepped into the exam centers. Originally, 1,52,595 candidates were admitted to participate in this rigorous examination process.

Competitive Examination and Outstanding Performance

Out of all those who undertook the challenge, 41,132 candidates emerged victorious, successfully passing the examination. The champions comprise 21,728 male and 19,404 female candidates. The overall pass percentage stands at 29.99%, indicating the competitive nature of the examination.

Gender Variation in Pass Percentage

There’s a slight gender variation in the pass percentage, with males having a pass percentage of 30.19% and females having a pass percentage of 29.77%. This difference is minimal but noteworthy, demonstrating the performance of candidates across different genders.

Results and Future Directions

These results, now available on the official ICAI website, can be accessed by candidates using their registration number and password. Following the results, candidates who have passed the examination are now eligible to apply for the CA intermediate exams. Furthermore, the schedule for the next CA Foundation exam, planned for June 2024, has already been set in motion.

The figures released by ICAI not only reflect the outcome of the examination but also the ambitions, struggles, and perseverance of the candidates. Regardless of the pass percentage, every candidate who stepped into the examination center is a testament to the human will to strive for excellence.