Defense Aerospace Contractor Unveils Tale of Egg-Shaped UFO at Area 51 in Exclusive Interview

Egg-Shaped UFO at Area 51: Whistleblower Unveils Startling Revelation

In an exclusive interview with, Eric Taber, a defense aerospace contractor with 13 years of experience, disclosed a fascinating account of an egg-shaped metallic UFO that was reportedly housed at Area 51 in the 1980s.

Background: Engineer’s Tale of a Mysterious Craft

Engineers at the Nevada airbase, according to Taber, asserted that the CIA discovered the peculiar craft in the desert and brought it to them for examination.

However, they allegedly faced insurmountable challenges in accessing the object, leading to its eventual relocation to another base.

Witness Account: Sam Urquhart’s Revelations

Taber shared the story relayed by his late great uncle, Sam Urquhart, a former Area 51 contractor. Urquhart, who worked at the mysterious desert base from 1997 to 2014, revealed details about the egg-shaped UFO, describing it as smooth, metallic-looking, and about the size of an SUV.

The engineers tasked with examining it encountered numerous obstacles, unable to decipher its power source or access its interior.

Challenges Faced by Engineers and UFO Description

The engineering team, comprised of some of the brightest minds, attempted to analyze the craft but encountered numerous hurdles.

X-rays failed to penetrate it, and efforts to open its hull proved futile. Despite obtaining small material samples, the engineers concluded that the craft was not of earthly origin.

Craft’s Disappearance and Shocking Photograph

Urquhart claimed that the UFO was eventually transported to another base, potentially White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.

However, the most startling revelation was a crystal-clear color photograph of the same object displayed in a secure data vault at Area 51. Taber shared images, including a group photo of engineers and an insignia patch, but the alleged photograph of the UFO remained confined to the vault.

Limited Disclosure and Pentagon’s Involvement

Urquhart’s account was documented by the Pentagon’s UFO investigation unit, the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). Taber emphasized the importance of limited disclosure, advocating for humanity to know the truth about alleged government possession of non-human craft.

Connection to Other Claims and Government Programs

The revelations align with previous claims of a secret government program aimed at capturing crashed or landed ‘non-human’ vehicles. Physicist and intelligence official Dr. Eric Davis’s alleged meeting with Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson in 2002, and notes suggesting a secret program by a defense contractor, EG&G, are part of the larger narrative surrounding UFO-related government initiatives.

Whistleblower’s Regrets and Plea for Truth

Taber expressed regret for selling his great uncle’s patch but emphasized the importance of pushing for the truth.

He disclosed his decision to come forward and advocate for limited disclosure while safeguarding sensitive technical information.

Historical Context: Area 51 and UFO Claims

The disclosure adds to the historical context of rumors and speculation surrounding potential extraterrestrial craft at Area 51.

The ongoing efforts by lawmakers to draft legislation for disclosure highlight the significance of understanding the government’s involvement in UFO-related activities.

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