Breaking: Firefighters Battle Blaze at Onehunga; Smoke Concerns Rise

Auckland’s Green Gorilla waste management facility has been engulfed in a mammoth blaze since Wednesday afternoon. Firefighters in Auckland, equipped with heavy machinery and cutting-edge technology, have been battling this massive fire.

Firefighting Efforts at Green Gorilla

Firefighters worked tirelessly into Thursday morning to contain the flames. Deep within the pile of burning wood, the fire remained a formidable challenge. The strategy involved diggers and front-end loaders dismantling the heap layer by layer. Meanwhile, aerial appliances worked to keep the area damp to prevent further spreading of the flames. The emergency response team utilized USAR drones to identify hot spots, a key strategy in tackling the inferno.

Concerns Over Water Resources

Green Gorilla’s CEO, Elaine Morgan, raised concerns about the availability of water resources to extinguish the fire. Fire and Emergency NZ (FENZ) is currently investigating these concerns. Despite the logistical challenges, operations are expected to continue into a second night with a smaller crew.

Impact on Traffic and Local Businesses

The fire’s intensity necessitated the evacuation of nearby businesses and led to the closure of westbound lanes on Neilson Street. This has significantly impacted local traffic and bus services. Commuters have been advised to expect delays due to the ongoing situation.

Green Gorilla: A Key Player in Waste Management

Green Gorilla, known as the country’s largest processor of construction and demolition waste, confirmed that only wood was burning. Thankfully, their infrastructure remains intact. The team reassured the public that the water runoff from the site was safe and that no asbestos or hazardous materials were present in the pile.

Investigating the Cause

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. Despite speculation, there is no indication that the fire was deliberately set. FENZ is currently probing into the potential cause, seeking to prevent future incidents of this nature.