Breaking Barriers: Gran Pursues Higher Education and Redefines Success

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. The Inspiring Journey of a Gran: Pursuing Education and Embracing Independence


Alison Bramwell, a determined and adventurous gran, made a life-changing decision to quit her cleaning business and pursue higher education at the age of 52.

Now 56, she is thriving as a mature student at the University of Derby and enjoying a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Alison’s story is an inspiration, highlighting the joys and advantages of learning at any age.

Embracing a New Path:

Alison’s journey began when she experienced the menopause eight years ago.

Feeling a strong desire for change, she followed her passion for theater and enrolled in an acting course.


Encouraged by her teachers, she applied to university and secured a place for a three-year undergraduate degree in theater arts.

Despite the challenges of moving away from her children and grandchildren, Alison persevered with the support of university staff and her family’s encouragement.

Thriving as a Mature Student:

Living in student halls with younger peers, Alison cherishes her university experience.

She appreciates the friendships she has formed and the opportunities to engage with her studies and campus life.

Though she faced emotional upheaval during her first year, Alison sought support from student welfare services and found solace in their guidance.

Overcoming her initial struggles, she adapted to her new independent lifestyle, embracing personal growth and newfound independence.

Continued Academic Pursuits:


Alison’s determination didn’t end with her undergraduate degree.

After achieving a 2:2, she embarked on a master’s degree in applied theater in education.

Currently residing in a university flat in Derby, she remains dedicated to her studies.

Alison’s aspiration is to become a facilitator in local theaters, teaching drama to mature individuals.

Her passion for learning and personal development drives her forward.

Overcoming Financial Concerns:

Funding her education through student loans and part-time jobs, Alison maintains a positive outlook on her financial situation.

She believes that the debt incurred will be repaid gradually, without worry, as she estimates it won’t be settled until she reaches the age of 112.


This perspective exemplifies the advantage of being an older student, allowing her to focus on her studies and personal growth rather than financial concerns.

Encouraging Mature Students:

Alison advocates for mature students, emphasizing the benefits they bring to the academic environment.

Their focused mindset, self-motivation, and life experience contribute to a richer and more fulfilling educational journey.

She believes society should encourage individuals of all ages to pursue higher education, viewing it as an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

By taking time to explore their interests and passions, young people can make more informed decisions about their academic and career paths.


Alison Bramwell’s story exemplifies the transformative power of education and personal growth.


As a mature student, she embraces new experiences, challenges societal norms, and thrives in her academic pursuits.

Her inspiring journey serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to follow your dreams, pursue higher education, and unlock your full potential.

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