Kidnapped Nasarawa Student Released After Ransom Payment

Kidnapped Nasarawa Student Released After Ransom Payment

Nasarawa State Polytechnic Student Freed After Abduction

Taye Ajoke, a student pursuing a National Diploma at the Nasarawa State-owned Isa Mustapha Agwai Polytechnic in Lafia, had a harrowing experience when she was abducted on Monday.

Abduction and Ransom Demand

Ajoke’s ordeal began when her home, Ombi 1, located just two kilometers from the Polytechnic, was attacked by heavily armed men.

These assailants fired sporadically during the attack, eventually capturing her and taking her to an undisclosed location.

During this terrifying episode, not only was Ajoke taken captive, but three people were also wounded by bullets.

This included two additional students and a prospective student.

The Demands of the Kidnappers

Ekom Ayaka, the president of the polytechnic students union government, shared the distressing details of Ajoke’s abduction.

He revealed that the kidnappers initially demanded a staggering ransom of N50 million for her release.

However, realizing that her family and well-wishers could not afford such an exorbitant sum, the abductors decided to lower their demands.

Negotiating for Freedom

After negotiations and numerous appeals to the kidnappers, they eventually agreed to release Ajoke in exchange for a reduced ransom of N300,000. The situation was tense, but Ajoke’s family managed to gather the required amount.

A Happy Ending

“We thank God that the bandits have released Ajoke,” said Ekom Ayaka. The ransom of N300,000 was paid on Wednesday, and Ajoke was finally set free around 7 o’clock.

This incident sheds light on the grim reality of kidnapping in the region, where the initial demand of N50 million was eventually negotiated down to a more manageable N300,000 for the safe return of a young student.