Brambles for £10? Florist’s Pricy Offer Sparks Online Mockery

Florist Mocked for Selling Pricey Brambles: A ‘Peak London’ Controversy


Shocked at the Price: Brambles for Nearly £10 a Bunch

A north-west London florist, Fitzroy’s, situated in Primrose Hill’s Regent’s Park Road, has sparked online ridicule for selling brambles at a staggering price of £9.95 per bunch.

Gayle Selby Bradley, hailing from Warwickshire, was taken aback by the sight of these “wild weeds” being sold for such an exorbitant amount, earning the description of “peak London” from social media users.

Brambles: Wild Berries Abundant in the UK


Brambles, commonly known for bearing edible blackberries, grow abundantly in hedgerows across the UK, offering a generous harvest for foragers during the summer and autumn seasons.

However, Mrs. Selby Bradley’s discovery of the steep price for a mere five stems of these berries left her astonished, especially when considering that they thrive naturally in gardens and open spaces, accessible to many.

Social Media Mockery and Commentary

The online response to the florist’s pricing has been filled with shock and amusement.

Facebook users chimed in, expressing their disbelief at the price tag for something that grows freely in the wild.


One user humorously remarked that “money didn’t grow on trees” as the saying goes, but apparently, it was hiding in the brambles all along.

Others questioned the rationale behind paying such a high price for something that can be found in nature without cost.

Florist’s Defense: Patricia Stands Firm

Fitzroy’s owner, Patricia, who chose not to disclose her surname, has defended the pricing of the brambles.

She explained that the shop sources its flowers from Amsterdam’s florist markets, and when they come across unique items like blackberries, they include them in their bouquets.


Patricia clarified that the pricing is based on the cost from the wholesaler, adhering to standard business practices.

The Appeal of Ornamental Blackberries

Patricia emphasized that the blackberries used in their hand-tied bouquets are ornamental, not intended for consumption.

These decorative blackberries add an artistic touch to their floral arrangements, attracting customers who appreciate the distinctive appeal.

Comparing Wild Picking to Buying


Patricia compared the act of buying ornamental blackberries to purchasing other items readily available elsewhere.

She questioned why people buy strawberries from greengrocers when they can pick them for free in strawberry fields.

She pointed out that retailers mark up prices on items they offer, regardless of their natural availability.

The Debate Continues

The debate over the pricing of brambles at Fitzroy’s has brought attention to the intersection of artistry, unique offerings, and business practices in the florist industry.


While some may find the cost excessive for what nature provides freely, others appreciate the craftsmanship and aesthetics that justify the price.

As with many aspects of commerce and consumer choices, individual perspectives and preferences play a significant role in shaping the ongoing discourse.


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