Finland’s £300 Million Fence Along Russian Border: A Mockery or Necessary Security Measure?

Finland’s £300 Million Fence Along Russian Border: A Mockery or Necessary Security Measure?

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Bordering on Ridiculous: Finland’s £300 Million Fence to Keep Out Russia Mocked as a ‘Complete Joke’


Finland’s new £300 million fence, erected along the Russian border as a security measure following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, has faced widespread ridicule from Finns, who consider it a laughingstock.

Construction of a Flimsy Green Barrier

The construction of the seemingly feeble green barrier commenced in February in the city of Imatra.

Critics have derided its design, pointing out its lack of barbed wire or spikes, and asserting that it could be easily scaled.

Some even likened it to a fence one would find around a dog kennel.

Guarding Against a Crisis


Finnish officials implemented this fence in the hopes of preventing a situation similar to the one that occurred on Poland’s eastern frontier in winter 2021.

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During that time, Belarus, a staunch Russian ally, orchestrated a crisis by transporting migrants from the Middle East, granting them visas, and pushing them across the border.

Mixed Reactions and Twitter Response

While border guards posted images of the fence on Twitter, claiming it would detect and delay unauthorized border crossers, critics remained unimpressed.

One Twitter user dismissed it as suitable only for a fun dog kennel.

Finnish border guards defended the fence, emphasizing its necessity in situations involving large-scale illegal immigration and stating that even in basic circumstances, it aids their work.

Change in Design and Expert Opinions

Contrary to the images shared by the border guard in autumn, which showcased a more robust grey fence with barbed wire at the top, the current green fence appears different.

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Jussi P Laine, a professor at the University of Eastern Finland, has consistently criticized the fence as a poor idea, describing it as a complete joke.

Completion and Criticisms

Upon completion in three to four years, the fence will span 124 miles.

However, critics argue that it is a wasteful expenditure of taxpayer money, benefitting only the contractor.

In response to the criticism, the border guard shared a photo of the fence with added barbed wire on top, clarifying that the initial grey fence design would be implemented.

They emphasized that the fence is not intended to function as a standalone military barrier but is a crucial component of border control.

Doubts and User Disappointment

Despite the border guard’s explanations, doubts and disappointment persist.

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One user expressed hope that the barbed wire would be installed in a slanted manner, suggesting that the fence could still be easily climbed.

The user humorously remarked that he, as a 42-year-old man, could scale the fence within seconds, and even faster if he took off his shoes and used the holes in the fence.

The border guard responded, reiterating that the fence, together with other elements such as the adjacent road and a technical control system, forms a comprehensive border control system.

In conclusion, Finland’s £300 million fence along the Russian border has been widely mocked by critics who consider it a complete joke.

Despite reassurances from the border guard, doubts about its effectiveness and durability persist among skeptics.


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