Sharon Stone Sparks Controversy with Claims of On-Set Pressure for Intimacy with William Baldwin

Sharon Stone Sparks Controversy with Claims of On-Set Pressure for Intimacy with William Baldwin

Fresh revelations from Sharon Stone about her experience on the set of “Sliver” have reignited a bitter feud with her co-star William Baldwin, nearly three decades after the film’s release.

Stone, best known for her role in “Basic Instinct,” opened up about her strained relationship with Baldwin, shedding light on the tumultuous dynamics during the filming of the erotic thriller.

On-Set Pressure and Animosity

Stone’s recent claims suggest that she was pressured by producer Robert Evans to engage in intimate encounters with Baldwin to enhance their on-screen chemistry.

Stone’s refusal to comply with this alleged request further fueled animosity between her and Baldwin, leading to a hostile atmosphere throughout filming.

Insights from the Director and Crew

Director Phillip Noyce and members of the film crew provide additional context, painting a picture of tension and discord behind the scenes.

Noyce acknowledges Stone’s discontent with Baldwin’s casting, revealing that the actress had hoped for a different leading man, exacerbating an already strained working relationship.

Troubled Production and Career Setbacks

“Sliver” faced numerous challenges during production, including a troubled script, directorial difficulties, and even a harrowing helicopter crash involving crew members.

The film’s critical and commercial failure left both Stone and Baldwin disillusioned, with Stone’s career trajectory particularly impacted by the setback.

Echoes of Past Struggles

Stone’s recent comments reflect her ongoing battle with personal and professional adversity, including health issues, divorce, and career setbacks.

The resurgence of tensions between her and Baldwin underscores the lasting impact of their troubled collaboration on “Sliver” and its lingering effects on both their careers.

Future Uncertainty

As Stone and Baldwin exchange barbs in the media, the possibility of further revelations and confrontations looms.

Baldwin’s hinted “dirt” on Stone suggests that the feud may yet escalate, leaving the final chapter of their decades-long animosity uncertain.