Jason Priestley Reveals Brad Pitt’s Unconventional Hygiene Habits During Their Roommate Days

Jason Priestley Reveals Brad Pitt’s Unconventional Hygiene Habits During Their Roommate Days

Brad Pitt’s Roommate Days: Jason Priestley Dishes on Unorthodox Hygiene Rivalry

In a recent appearance on the US TV show “Live with Kelly and Mark,” actor Jason Priestley revisited his days as roommates with Hollywood star Brad Pitt.

Priestley, known for his role in “90210,” shared amusing anecdotes from their shared living space, shedding light on Pitt’s unique hygiene habits.

Unconventional Roommate Setup

During the TV appearance, Priestley reminisced about the time when he, Pitt, and another roommate lived together in a modest two-bedroom apartment in a less-than-desirable part of Los Angeles.

Describing their domestic situation, Priestley revealed that they engaged in a peculiar competition: challenging each other to see who could go the longest without showering.

Brad Pitt’s Hygiene Standoff

Asked about Pitt’s roommate behavior, Priestley chuckled, stating that while Pitt wasn’t as bad as their other roommate, he participated in the showering challenge.

According to Priestley, they used to play a game to determine who could withstand the longest period without bathing, and, more often than not, it was Brad Pitt who claimed victory in this hygiene standoff.

Living on a Shoestring Budget

Detailing their financial struggles, Priestley shared insights from his 2014 memoir, noting that they survived on ramen noodles, generic beer labeled simply as “BEER,” and Marlboro Light cigarettes.

The actor reflected on their shared journey before finding success, highlighting the challenging times when both were financially constrained.

Diverging Paths and Lost Touch

As their careers took different trajectories, Priestley and Pitt eventually lost touch. Priestley acknowledged the divergence, mentioning how Brad Pitt became a global movie star while he found himself anchored to a TV show.

In a 2017 interview, Priestley expressed how their paths drifted apart, especially in the pre-digital era.

Hygiene Tips on Set

The article also revisits a previous instance when Pitt’s hygiene practices made headlines. While filming Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds,” Pitt shared some practical advice with co-stars.

Eli Roth, Pitt’s co-star, recounted how Pitt recommended using baby wipes when time for a shower was lacking, especially considering his busy schedule as a parent.

Roth’s Amusement at Pitt’s Tip

Roth found Pitt’s advice amusing, especially the insight into his life as a parent with six kids. Pitt’s pragmatic approach to hygiene, amid the demands of parenting, resonated with Roth, emphasizing the actor’s down-to-earth nature even in the glamour of Hollywood.