Boy killed just days before Christmas after being accidentally shot in the chest in a target practice area

In a devastating turn of events, eight-year-old Bradley John Shockley lost his life just days before Christmas after an accidental shooting incident in a target practice area.

The tragic incident occurred on Monday when Bradley was fatally shot by a high-powered air rifle. Riding on a four-wheeler with a friend, they entered an area designated for target practice, where people were engaged in shooting activities.

Fatal Accident: Struck by 22-Caliber Pellet

The young boy, unaware of the danger, was struck by a 22-caliber pellet during the target practice. He was promptly taken to Benson Hospital, but despite efforts, he succumbed to his injuries within an hour.

The incident unfolded as Bradley and his friend inadvertently ventured into an area they had been advised to avoid due to ongoing shooting activities.

Family’s Grief: A ‘Ray of Sunshine’ Lost

Bradley’s devastated family is mourning the loss of their beloved son just days before the holiday season. His mother, Ella Scofield, shared the heart-wrenching details, expressing the family’s shock and grief.

Ella revealed that Bradley, excited about Christmas, had been eagerly contemplating the gifts he might receive. Heartbreakingly, he was known for his intelligence and had the ability to guess his presents without touching them.

Mother’s Compassion: No Ill Will Toward Shooters

Despite the tragedy, Ella Scofield harbors no ill will towards the individuals involved in the shooting. She emphasized that the incident was a complete accident, and she conveyed to the shooters that the family holds no hard feelings.

Ella expressed love and understanding, stating that the shooters are still welcome to visit. The family recognizes the difficult time the shooters are going through.

Tribute to Bradley: Celebration of Life

Describing Bradley as a ray of sunshine and the best big brother, a GoFundMe campaign initiated for the family reflects on the youngster’s joyful and kind nature.

Family friend Tisha Luzadder remembered Bradley as always happy, smiling, and an all-around great kid. A celebration of Bradley’s life will take place at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in St David, Arizona, shortly after Christmas.

Attendees are encouraged to wear colors other than black, as Bradley loved all colors, with red, blue, and green being his favorites. The celebration will also include serving spaghetti, Bradley’s favorite meal.

Ongoing Investigation: Sheriff’s Office Reviewing Incident

As the family mourns, the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating the incident. The findings will be compiled in a report to be reviewed by the county attorney.

The community is left grappling with the tragic loss of a young life during what should have been a festive season.

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