Borno State government targets curbing political thuggery

Borno State government targets curbing political thuggery

The Borno State government under the Ministry of Youth and Sports is working diligently in line with the campaign promises of the present administration to curb thuggery in the state by empowering youths.

This strategy is the key objective of the governments’ twenty-five-year development framework and ten-year transformation plan.

Speaking during the flag-off ceremony, the Honourable Commissioner for Youths and Sports, Hon.

Sainna Buba said, “since the return to democracy in 2019, there’s no government that stood firmly to curb political thuggery in the state like this administration.

He further confirmed that the ministry had successfully trained 152 selected youths, mainly from Maiduguri metropolitan council and Jere local government.

These reformed youths had records of being political thugs who previously engaged in all forms of social vices.

Mustapha Mohammed Kano, the Director of entrepreneurs, Ramat polytechnic, who is also the consultant trainer, gave a breakdown of the skills acquired by the youths.

” We have successfully trained the youths in animal fattening, animal rearing, business enterprise, fishery and poultry.

” 152 youths were successfully trained, and it took us one month to ensure they attain the best training necessary.

We also gave them skills to source funds, manage funds and methods for refunding the money given back to the state government.

Finally, we trained them on how to engage in E-business.

Governor Zulum, while addressing the gathering, said, ” I’m delighted to address you today at this important event of the flagging off ceremony and disbursement of cash amounting to 100 million naira.

“We successfully selected 152 youths for youth entrepreneurship and employment scheme under the ministry of youths and sports in a view to transforming them from political thugs to potential owners of small businesses based on the entrepreneur skills they have acquired.

 “Under the scheme, out of the total number of the beneficiaries, 16 of them will get two million naira each while the remaining 136 will receive the sum of five hundred thousand naira.

In the same vein, half of the grant given will be waived if the half is fully re-paid.

Editor/Suzan O.

Borno State government targets curbing political thuggery