Body Positivity in Action: Plus-Size Gym Enthusiast Defies Trolls, Flaunts Confidence in Snug Leggings

Body Positivity in Action: Plus-Size Gym Enthusiast Defies Trolls, Flaunts Confidence in Snug Leggings

Unapologetic Workout Style

One plus-size gym enthusiast has embraced self-confidence and defied online trolls who urged her not to wear snug-fitting leggings for her fitness routine. Despite the negativity from haters, she proudly rocked her Amazon-purchased leggings without hesitation.

Empowering Response

In response to those who criticized her choice of attire, Bethy Red, known as @bethyred on TikTok, humorously replied, “They are pink! Look at my arms.” Unperturbed by the negativity, she continued her fitness routine, including exercises targeting her glutes and quads.

Addressing Fat-Shaming

Bethy also shared a fat-shaming message she had received, which read, “Please never wear them again, you’re going to give people heart attacks thinking you’re going around bare a**ed.” The snug leggings indeed showcased her full-figured shape. While some agreed that the leggings might give off a barely-there impression at a glance, they praised her confidence and appearance.

Confidence in Action

Based in Chicago, Bethy prioritizes feeling healthy over losing weight in her fitness journey. She paired the leggings with a white crop top and was more focused on her workout than the opinions of others.

Unwavering Dedication

Bethy demonstrated her dedication by performing various exercises, including hack squats, hip thrusts, Bulgarian split squats, leg extension work, and calf raises. Her workout attire included the $29.99 Suuksess women’s scrunch butt lifting seamless leggings, which received positive reviews on Amazon.

Positive Reinforcement

Despite the trolls, Bethy’s unapologetic attitude and confidence in her workout attire earned her admiration from viewers. Some praised her outfit, while others were inspired by her self-assured demeanor.

Bethy’s response to the critics was clear: she continued her workout with unwavering dedication, focusing on her well-being and fitness journey.

Empowering Support

Supportive viewers defended Bethy against negative comments, emphasizing that the leggings were indeed visible and praising her appearance. Despite the negativity, Bethy remained unfazed, embodying body positivity and self-assurance.