Bode George Pledges Support and Prayers for President-elect Tinubu Amidst Political Differences

Bode George Pledges Support and Prayers for President-elect Tinubu Amidst Political Differences

...By Larry John for TDPel Media.

Former Military Governor of Ondo State and Deputy National Chairman (South) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Bode George, has reconciled with President-elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and expressed his willingness to pray for Tinubu and the All Progressives Congress (APC) if the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal confirms Tinubu’s victory in the February 25th presidential election.


In an interview, George discussed his stance on Tinubu’s inauguration as Nigeria’s next president and other important matters regarding the upcoming governance.

Regarding his decision not to visit Tinubu, George explained that his party, the PDP, is currently in court contesting the APC candidate’s victory in the presidential election.

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As a life member of the PDP’s board of trustees and the representative of the entire South-West region in the party’s national caucus, George questioned what significance his visit would have in such a situation.

He stated that regardless of the court’s decision, there would be a post-mortem analysis, and at that time, he would pray for Nigeria’s well-being.

George recalled how the nation prayed for President Muhammadu Buhari when he assumed office, hoping for a fight against corruption among other promises.

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George emphasized that once a leader emerges, the best course of action is to seek divine intervention for the country’s peaceful progress.


He downplayed the significance of his meeting with Tinubu, as their political differences are stark.

He stated that his intentions would not be to seek political positions but to wish them well and pray for divine guidance.

George expressed concern over the leadership vacuum in Lagos State and the urgent need for strong leadership in Nigeria, acknowledging the country’s challenges and the importance of prayer.

He added that if his concerns are not addressed, he has the option to step aside given his age.

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Addressing the chances of his party and candidate, Atiku Abubakar, winning the court case, George expressed hope and confidence.

He mentioned that the PDP has made presentations to the court, and other political parties have also submitted their reports.

He expressed faith in the judiciary and its commitment to impartiality, expecting that justice will be served based on the evidence presented.

George concluded by reiterating the need for prayers in this situation.


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