Thomas Randolph, 68, the so-called “black widower,” was found guilty of murdering his sixth wife and the hired assassins.

Thomas Randolph, 68, the so-called “black widower,” was found guilty of murdering his sixth wife and the hired assassins.

Thomas Randolph, 68, the so-called “black widower,” was found guilty of murdering his sixth wife and the hired gun who carried it out.Two of Randolph’s murder convictions in Nevada were upheld.His then-wife, Sharon Causse, was murdered by his friend Michael Miller.In 2008, however, he killed Miller by shooting him in the back.A Contribution by Perkin Amalaraj Modified: 30 August 2023, 9:13 EDT

A ‘black widower’ who has been married six times has been found guilty of murdering his sixth wife and the hitman he hired to do it for a second time after the state’s highest court ordered a new trial.A Nevada jury found 68-year-old killer Thomas Randolph guilty of all charges this week. The case was the subject of the 2021 Dateline program The Widower.

This was his second conviction for the same offense; the first one had been overturned on appeal. Prosecutors in his most recent trial and the one in 2017 said he had plotted with his friend and handyman Michael Miller to have his sixth wife, Sharon Causse, killed in what looked like a home invasion, so that he could cash in on more than $300,000.In May of 2008, Miller broke into Randolph’s Nevada home while disguised as a woman and shot and killed Sharon.Randolph, who had been sitting on death row for several years following his original conviction, betrayed his longtime comrade and murdered him in a startling turn of events. The re-conviction of Randolph for the murders brought great joy to the families of his victims.

Sharon Causse’s daughter, Colleen Beyer, covered her mouth with her hands as the decision was read.She commented, “I’m so relieved, it’s unbelievable,” to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. It’s been 15 years of a nightmare on steroids.I feel so much better knowing that he is no longer a threat to women and has been taken off the streets. Because he is a predator, and not just any predator, she sobbed.Since the beginning of the judicial investigation into his possible involvement in Sharon’s death, Randolph has maintained his innocence.

A jury in Nevada found him guilty of murdering both Causse and Miller in 2017, but in 2020, the state’s highest court reversed the verdicts, ruling that local prosecutors had no right to introduce “prior bad-act evidence.”Several of his ex-wives testified against him in both his 2017 trial and his 2023 trial, painting a picture of a violent, abusive, and manipulative man who repeatedly married and abused his wife. Thomas married his first wife, Kathryn, when she was 18 and he was 20 in 1975.Kathryn, who divorced Randolph in 1983, testified against him in his first trial, saying that he was controlling, manipulative, and mentally abusive.She mentioned that once, when the oatmeal didn’t contain any sugar, he threw it against the wall.

She supposedly went to Washington with her new husband several states away from Randolph after she remarried.Rebecca GaultProsecutors told the jury that three years after marrying Randolph, Becky was found dead in the couple’s shared house with a bullet wound to the head.They tied the knot on the same day in 1983 that he officially ended his marriage to Kathryn Thomas.

After her suicide was confirmed, Randolph’s life insurance paid out $500,000.Police discovered the crazy criminal used to sing songs about murdering her; he was eventually charged with her murder but acquitted.He even had a hired gun (who turned out to be an officer) take care of her for him.Despite his success in the courtroom, Randolph still managed to avoid being convicted of her murder, which he denied when he pleaded guilty to witness tampering.Allmon, GaynaGayna, Randolph’s third wife, testified during his first trial that she believes he attempted to shoot her to death.

She said Randolph fired a shot at her while he was cleaning the weapon after they were married.Their kitchen had a bullet hole, and she thought for sure her life was in danger after that. Fr. Thomas FrancisFrancis died in 2004 after botched heart surgery, and a witness named Glen Morrison testified that Randolph had urged him to kill her and fake the crime scene as a robbery. This was frighteningly similar to the death of Randolph’s future wife, Sharon Causse.It has been said that Francis’s daughter was forbidden from seeing her ailing mother.Francis’s body was reportedly incinerated by Randolph less than 24 hours after her death.

His fifth wife, Leona Stapleton, is largely unknown to the general public despite the fact that they were married. During his first trial, her family said she passed away from cancer.On October 12 Randolph will be sentenced by District Judge Tierra Jones.Prosecutors have previously stated that they will not seek the death sentence in this case due to Randolph’s advanced age.

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