Bizarre Reality Show ‘Banged Up’ Features Celeb’s Toilet Stunt to Avoid Trouble

The reality show “Banged Up” is set to create quite a stir with a truly shocking scene.

In one of the most surprising moments ever to air on TV, a celebrity on the show, Tom Rosenthal, decides to retrieve a condom filled with tobacco from the toilet.

The series places famous faces in prison alongside ex-inmates to see how they cope with life behind bars.

Tom Rosenthal goes to great lengths to avoid trouble, even if it means resorting to such an extreme action.

The episode featuring this incident is likely to divide opinions among viewers, as it delves into a common practice within Britain’s prisons.

Tom Rosenthal, known for his role in “Friday Night Dinner,” had a specific motive for this unusual act.

He wanted to have something to offer and avoid potential bullying or intimidation from the ex-inmates.

In the world of prisons, tobacco is considered a form of currency, and the amount he concealed could be valuable.

While it’s a shocking and controversial move, Tom believed it was necessary to navigate this unique experience.

His willingness to undertake such an extreme action reflects the lengths people might go to adapt to the prison environment.

Moreover, “Banged Up” seems to have made quite an impact even before its first series airs, as reports indicate that filming for a second series is already underway.

The show strives for authenticity by being filmed in a disused prison, with actual former inmates participating to make it as realistic as possible.

Channel 4 has also considered a women’s version set in a women’s prison with an all-female lineup of prison staff, indicating their confidence in the show’s appeal.

However, they remain cautious, waiting to see how the audience reacts to the first series.

As anticipation builds for “Banged Up,” it’s clear that this reality show is not for the faint of heart.

The controversial toilet stunt by Tom Rosenthal is just a glimpse of the unexpected moments viewers can expect to witness when the show finally airs.

The series debuts on Tuesday, October 31, at 9.15pm on Channel 4, and it promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience for both participants and viewers alike.

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