Body pain due to office work? YOGA IS THE SOLUTION!

Body pain due to office work? YOGA IS THE SOLUTION!

With offices opening up again, most of us are back to our routine of sitting at a desk for 8+ hours a day. While this might be great for the work ethic, sitting and leaning for so long can impact overall health.

One side effect of sitting for so long that most office peeps face is body pain. Whether this is a pain in your back and neck due to staring at a screen or your arms due to constant typing, body pain is a problem. Thankfully, you can get rid of this pain through yoga.

How can yoga help?

Similar to most other forms of exercise, yoga has many benefits for both the body and mind. This is because yoga is a dynamic form of movement that helps your body heal from head to toe. So, if you’re looking to get rid of that office stress and improve your overall health, you can change your life. Here’s how:

1- Help with back pain

Yoga has hundreds of poses and movements and certain poses like the Cat-Cow Pose can get rid of back pain easily. This pose helps you stretch your back and improves mobility. It also provides back pain relief by easing the pain caused due to long hours of idle sitting.

You can also combine yoga with supplements like the WOW Life Science Omega 3 capsules or multivitamin capsules for optimal relief. These supplements help prevent heart disease and strengthen your joints to reduce all kinds of body pain.

2- Benefit to the heart health

Surprising? While it may not be directly related to body pain, heart health is also important if you are an office worker. Endless hours without activity can be harmful to your heart which is a problem in the long run! So, a bit of yoga can do wonders for your overall health by keeping the blood pumping.

3- Improvement in energy and reduction in stress

Performing the slow and controlled movements of yoga is ideal for promoting blood flow and strengthening your muscles. Furthermore, it is great for your mental health too, and can help you tackle any day with ease!

4- Better balance and flexibility

When was the last time you dropped something off your desk and had to lean to the edge of your seat to pick it up? This is because sitting stiffly all day immensely ruins your flexibility. Yoga for joint pain helps you stretch your joints and muscles to keep you flowy and free!

Now, we’re sure you want to know the exact poses that can help you out. Well, you’re in luck as many yoga poses are perfect for office workers!

Which yoga poses should you do?

Thankfully, there are many yoga poses that you can do with minimal experience and even from your office!

1- Child’s Pose

While it may require a bit more space than others, the Child’s Pose is a great first option for yoga beginners. For this exercise, you need to start by sitting back on your heels with your legs together. After this, place your arms in front of you and bend your legs to bring your nose to the ground.

You can also take WOW Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with this pose for weight loss! It is 100% organic and just a few tablespoons daily will help you reduce blood sugar and lose weight!

2- Chair Forward Bend

If you’re at the office, this is probably one of the easiest poses to do. Just sit in your chair, place your arms on your knees, and bring your hips in and out. Follow through with your head and you can extend your spine with minimal effort.

3- Desk Upward Dog

The Desk Upward Dog requires you to stand up and place your arms on a desk. After this, place your feet hip-width apart and bend down until your upper body is parallel to the desk and fully outstretched. Now, bring your hips forward while moving your chest and neck back for a complete spinal stretch.

4- Seated Spinal Twist

Another great pose you can get done on your chair itself, the Seated Spinal Twist is perfect for the busy office-goer. All you need to do is place your arms along the sides of your chair and twist your chest and abdomen to one side. Hold this twist for a few breaths and turn to the other side. This not only helps you lengthen your spine but is also great for cooling down at work.

5- Seated Forward Bend

The Hip Opener with Long Back is a great pose to get your hamstrings moving and promote flexibility. For this, just sit straight up with your arms out straight ahead. After this, inhale and bend forward, gradually exhaling as you move with your upper body. Hold this position for 4 breaths and shift back.

How Often Can You Practice Yoga?

The frequency of yoga practice depends on individual goals, schedules, and physical ability. Ideally, practicing 30 minutes a day can yield significant benefits in terms of increased flexibility, strength, balance, and overall well-being. However, it is important to listen to your body and adjust the frequency and intensity of your practice, as needed. Consistency is key in establishing a yoga practice that suits your needs and goals.

Meanwhile, if you want to get the most out of yoga and get rid of all that pain, pair up your workout with supplements like the WOW Life Science Omega 3 capsules or multivitamin capsules. These supplements can help you get the most out of yoga and keep your body in the best condition! So, be sure to take these not just for physical fitness but also to rid yourself of office stress.