Bert Atkinson’s Return to EastEnders Sparks Fan Hopes for Answers

The Return of Bert Atkinson: EastEnders Fans Seek Answers

In recent episodes of EastEnders, Jay Brown, a beloved character, faced a shocking revelation about his true parentage.

Phil Mitchell, a central figure in the series, dropped a bombshell, admitting that he had killed Jay’s biological father in a car lot fire many years ago.

This revelation left Jay heartbroken and searching for answers. Fans of the show were quick to call for the return of Jay’s grandfather, Bert Atkinson, hoping that he could provide the much-needed insights into Jay’s past.

Bert’s Return to Albert Square

Fans’ wishes were granted when, on Monday, October 23, Bert Atkinson made a comeback to Albert Square.

The question on everyone’s mind was whether Bert would be able to shed light on Jay’s complicated past.

Exploring the Actor Behind Bert Atkinson

As Bert’s return to EastEnders sparked curiosity, we took a closer look at the actor who portrays him.

British actor Dave Hill was born in Skipton, West Riding of Yorkshire, and attended Ermysted’s Grammar School for boys.

Dave has had an extensive career in the entertainment industry, with roles in various TV shows and movies.

Notably, he appeared in “The Full Monty” and had parts in TV series like “Holby City,” “Doc Martin,” and “Porridge.”

Bert Atkinson: A Familiar Role

Dave Hill’s portrayal of Bert Atkinson in EastEnders between 2006 and 2007 left a lasting impression on viewers.

Bert was characterized as brash, witty, and refreshingly honest, with a unique ability to be both charming and offensive simultaneously.

He was known for his storytelling prowess and a no-nonsense attitude.

In the storyline, Bert was a friend of Joe Macer, Pauline Fowler’s second husband, and also the father of Jay’s mother, who tragically passed away when Jay was younger.

Bert’s Departure from Albert Square

Bert’s exit from Albert Square was prompted by the return of Jase Dyer, who was believed to be Jay’s father at the time.

Despite a confrontational initial meeting between the two men, Bert ultimately allowed Jay to connect with his supposed father.

Convinced that Jay was in good hands, Bert left Walford permanently.

However, this decision was made without Bert’s knowledge of the complications that would arise in Jay’s life.

Bert’s Return: Providing Support and Answers

With Jay grappling with the aftermath of the shocking revelation about his biological father, Bert’s return to the storyline is a logical move.

Jay is in dire need of support and answers to make sense of his past.

The question remains: Can Bert fill in the missing pieces of Jay’s life and provide the answers he seeks?

Dave Hill’s Time on EastEnders

Although Dave Hill’s character, Bert, was part of EastEnders for just over a year, his presence had a significant impact on the show’s characters and storylines.

Bert’s fiery romance with Mo Harris, a memorable fling with market trader Ina, and his compassionate care for Jay when he arrived in Walford were among the character’s key storylines.

Bert also dealt with a serious eye condition called glaucoma, which posed a significant challenge.

Conclusion: Bert’s Return Adds Intrigue to EastEnders

As Bert Atkinson makes a comeback to Albert Square, EastEnders viewers eagerly anticipate the unfolding of Jay’s storyline and the potential answers Bert might provide.

Dave Hill’s portrayal of Bert left a lasting mark on the show, and his return promises to add a layer of intrigue to the series.

Fans will have to tune in to see how this reunion shapes the characters’ futures in Walford.

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