Beneath Gaza Lies a Strategic Labyrinth – Israel Showcases Miles-Long Tunnel Built to Facilitate Attacks on Civilians

Beneath Gaza Lies a Strategic Labyrinth – Israel Showcases Miles-Long Tunnel Built to Facilitate Attacks on Civilians

Israel Reveals Largest Tunnel in ‘Gaza Metro’ Amid Ongoing Conflict with Hamas

Discovery of Extensive Tunnel Network

Israel has disclosed the detection of what it claims is the largest tunnel ever found by its troops, uncovering part of the intricate underground network referred to as ‘the Gaza Metro.’

Spanning approximately 300 miles beneath the Gaza Strip, this extensive tunnel system served as a crucial asset for Hamas during the October 7 attacks, enabling fighters to breach the Israeli border and causing substantial casualties.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have undertaken a meticulous effort to locate and neutralize every entrance within this vast network.

IDF Tour of the Giant Tunnel

The IDF’s spokesperson, Daniel Hagari, provided journalists with a tour of the colossal tunnel, emphasizing its dimensions — wide enough to accommodate a car and extending over 2.5 miles.

The tunnel was reportedly intended for a terrorist attack, terminating just 400 meters before the Erez Crossing, the entry point used by Hamas in their previous assault.

The IDF claims that this particular tunnel project, led by Mohammad Sinwar, cost ‘millions of dollars.’

Targeted Elimination and Video Evidence

IDF spokesperson Avijaa Adraei explained that attacks were launched from the discovered tunnel, leading to the elimination of saboteurs identified within it.

Israel has also released video footage purportedly showing the construction process of these tunnels.

The clips reveal workers expanding passageways through drilling and offer glimpses of higher-ranking individuals inspecting the extensive route.

Hamas Tactics and Global Reaction

Lt. Col. Richard Hecht highlighted Hamas’s significant financial investment in the tunnel network, emphasizing its sole purpose of attacking Israel.

He specifically mentioned the strategic placement of a tunnel near a crossing dedicated to the movement of Gazans into Israel for work and medical care.

The international community has raised concerns about the extensive network, accusing Hamas of using civilians as ‘human shields.’

Ongoing Offensive and ‘Bunker Buster’ Bombs

Israel’s offensive against Hamas continues, with a reported 200 targets struck in the past day.

The IDF has recently received specialized ‘bunker buster’ bombs from the United States to target underground tunnels effectively.

The offensive has faced criticism for its impact on civilian life, with accusations of insufficient protection for non-combatants.

Bitter Fighting and Confrontation Inside Tunnels

Despite mounting pressure to scale back the offensive, bitter fighting persists between Israel’s Defense Forces and Hamas.

Recent footage released by the IDF depicts a soldier confronting Hamas fighters inside a tunnel, with close-quarters combat resulting in the successful neutralization of the terrorist and destruction of the tunnel shaft.

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