Bella Hadid’s 15-Year Battle with Lyme Disease and Triumph of Resilience

Bella Hadid’s 15-Year Battle with Lyme Disease and Triumph of Resilience

Bella Hadid, the renowned supermodel, has bravely shared her arduous journey battling Lyme disease for nearly 15 years. In a candid Instagram post, she revealed her struggles, the impact on her life, and the transformative power of the experience.


Through her words, Hadid aims to inspire others facing similar challenges while expressing gratitude for the support she received along the way.

The Long and Challenging Road

Having been diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012, Hadid reflected on her journey, expressing pride in not giving up on herself despite enduring prolonged suffering.

The toll of the disease was evident, as she acknowledged the confusion of being in a state of sadness and sickness despite having blessings, privilege, opportunities, and love around her.

Finding Strength in Struggle

With a newfound sense of hope and healing, Hadid reassured her followers that she is now okay and encouraged them not to worry.


The supermodel candidly stated that even if she had to relive the entire experience, she wouldn’t change a thing, as it shaped the person she is today.

Her message to those facing hardships was clear – hold on, stay strong, have faith, and believe that things will get better.

A Transformative Journey

Throughout her post, Hadid shared a collection of the most positive photos from her health journey.

She emphasized how this challenging experience became the most enlightening one, introducing her to new friendships, perspectives, and a renewed outlook on life.

Hadid’s resilience and determination to find light amidst darkness serve as an inspiration to her followers.


Gratitude and Support

In her heartfelt message, Hadid expressed deep appreciation for her mother, Yolanda Hadid, and younger brother Anwar, who also battled Lyme disease.

She acknowledged their unwavering support, with her mother standing by her side, keeping her medical records, and believing in her throughout the difficult times.

Additionally, she extended her thanks to the brands, companies, agents, and medical team that provided support during her journey.

Looking Forward

Ending her post on a positive note, Hadid assured her followers that she would return when she felt ready.

She expressed her love for her supporters and the longing to reconnect with them.


Bella Hadid’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and the ability to find strength even in the face of challenging circumstances.

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