Mohamed Hadid Faces Backlash for Comparing Israel to Nazis

Mohamed Hadid Faces Backlash for Comparing Israel to Nazis

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has criticised supermodel Gigi and Bella Hadid’s father for “sharing pure hate.”

The 74-year-old Mohamed Hadid swiftly removed a post he had made on Instagram that compared Nazi Germany to Israel.

It occurs after his two daughters released statements on the subject following reports that his family got death threats due to their position on the conflict.

After reports surfaced that his family was receiving death threats for their support of Palestine, supermodel Gigi Hadid’s father came under fire for drawing comparisons between Israel and the Nazis.

On Saturday, 74-year-old Mohamed Hadid posted a comparison between Israel and Nazi Germany on his Instagram page.

The post, which has now been removed, included what Mohamed views as analogies between the Nazi Party’s and Israel’s flags.

Israel was “founded on Jewish supremacy,” whereas the Nazi Party was “founded on Aryan supremacy.”

Additionally, it made comparisons between the Gaza Strip and Auschwitz, as well as the Nazi gas chambers and the shelling of Gaza.

The post’s description, written by Mohamed, who was raised in a Palestinian household in Nazareth, read: “And both added and labelled the victims as terrorists, regardless of other activities.”

A few Jews and Palestinians have even altered their names.

It follows reports that the Hadid family was forced to update their cell phone numbers due to death threats related to their position on the issue.

‘This was uploaded by Mohamed Hadid, Bella and Gigi Hadid’s father, tweeted Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Yaari Cohen in response.

This is not some politically astute, nuanced position.

This is nothing but hate.

Disgrace to you.

This post’s obvious, crude, Holocaust-era anti-Semitism made me feel uncomfortable.

There are boundaries that you should never cross, even in this day and age.

‘I don’t have words for the cognitive dissonance conveyed by Hadid’s meme,’ remarked another.

To even try and defend the complete fabrications in this as anything other than overt anti-Semitism would be to literally twist one’s brain into a pretzel.

The deplorable tweet was made a few days after his supermodel daughter Gigi received criticism from the Israeli authorities for her support of Palestinian causes on social media.

‘There is nothing Jewish about the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians,’ said one of Gigi’s wartime graphics.

‘Condemning the Israeli government is not antisemitism, and supporting Palestinians is not support for Hamas.’

Hadid’s stance was swiftly mocked by Israel’s government, which responded on Instagram with the statement, “There is nothing valiant about Hamas’ massacre of Israelis.”

It is right to condemn Hamas for what it is—ISIS—and to stand with Israelis in their struggle against these savage murderers.

The State of Israel account then tagged Hadid in a comment that was expressly intended at her, asking, “Have you been sleeping the past week?”Or are you content to ignore the slaughter of Jewish infants in their homes? Your silence has made it quite evident where you stand.

We observe you.

Hadid herself prepared a statement in which she does not specifically denounce Hamas’s activities or characterise their terrorism as anti-Semitic.

Her assertion that supporting Palestine differs from being anti-Semitic is the only time the word “anti-Semitic” is used.

She wrote, “Terrorising innocent people is not aligned with and does not benefit the ‘Free Palestine’ movement.”

Her remarks, however, contradict the views of a vast number of pro-Palestinian activists around the nation and the world that have been expressed since Hamas’ horrific attack.

Since then, it has also been reported that Gigi and her family have allegedly been obliged to act after getting death threats for their support of Palestine.

In response to the threats, Gigi’s family—which includes her parents Yolanda and Mohamed, brother Anwar, 24, and supermodel sister Bella, 27—had to update their phone numbers, according to TMZ.

The family apparently got horrifying threats through phone calls, social media, and email after their numbers were allegedly released online, according to sources who spoke with the publication.

Furthermore, it has been reported that Mohamed, a real estate entrepreneur, is thinking of reporting the death threats to the FBI.

With his former partner Mary Butler, Mohamed also has children Marielle, 43, and Alana, 38.

On Thursday, 27-year-old Bella Hadid posted a lengthy statement on Instagram urging political leaders ‘to come together in preserving humanity and compassion’.

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