Renowned Photographer Rankin Joins Forces with Acid Attack Survivor Patricia Lefranc in Powerful Campaign to Combat Acid Violence

Renowned Photographer Rankin Champions Anti-Acid Attack Campaign

London-based fashion photographer Rankin, celebrated for his iconic portraits of supermodels and celebrities, has taken a bold stance in the fight against acid attacks.

Departing from his usual subjects, Rankin collaborated with acid attack survivor Patricia Lefranc to create the Tear Couture Look Book, a poignant collection of monochrome portraits that delves into the devastating impact of acid violence.

The initiative, in partnership with Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTi), is not just a visual campaign but a heartfelt plea to prevent further instances of this heinous crime.

The Tear Couture Look Book: A Powerful Visual Narrative

The Tear Couture Look Book serves as a powerful visual narrative, transcending the boundaries of a traditional fashion catalog.

Highlighting the resilience of acid attack survivor Patricia Lefranc, the monochrome portraits evoke the essence of a high-end designer’s ad campaign while conveying a crucial message about the profound consequences of acid attacks.

Survivor Patricia Lefranc’s Personal Story

The Tear Couture Look Book is more than a collection of images; it is a storytelling platform that sheds light on Patricia Lefranc’s personal journey.

In 2009, Patricia fell victim to a sulfuric acid attack orchestrated by her spurned lover, Richard Remes.

The Look Book unravels the horrifying details of the attack, including Patricia’s three-month coma and the subsequent nine months spent in the hospital, bravely relearning how to navigate life.

Photographic Symbolism: A Grieving Survivor’s Reflection

One poignant photograph features Patricia Lefranc holding up a picture of herself taken before the acid attack.

The image captures the survivor looking directly at the camera, suggesting a deep sense of grief for her former appearance, a stark reminder of everything cruelly taken away from her during the attack.

The Princess Royal’s Foreword: Royal Endorsement of the Cause

The Tear Couture Look Book is not just an artistic endeavor; it holds the patronage of HRH The Princess Royal, who contributed a foreword to the catalog.

This royal endorsement adds weight to the campaign, bringing attention to the urgent need to address acid attacks and support survivors.

Linking Acid Attacks to Global Industries: A Call for Awareness

Rankin and ASTi aim to extend the reach of the Tear Couture Look Book beyond Europe to draw attention to the connection between acid attacks and the global fashion, textiles, retail, and manufacturing industries.

Research indicates a correlation between legitimate uses of acid in these industries, particularly in regions like the global south, and the prevalence of acid attacks.

The Global Impact and Hidden Numbers of Acid Attacks

ASTi estimates that over 10,000 acid attacks occur globally each year, with many going unrecorded due to the lack of official government records.

The Tear Couture Look Book serves as a rallying cry to address the pressing issue of acid misuse within supply chains, with Rankin expressing his commitment to taking action after learning about this pervasive problem.

Rankin’s Call to Action: A Personal Affinity with the Fashion Industry

Rankin, known for his special affinity with the fashion industry, acknowledges the positive changes within the sector in recent years toward sustainability and responsibility.

The Tear Couture Look Book marks his proactive response to ASTi’s explanation of acid misuse within supply chains, showcasing his determination to contribute meaningfully to this important cause.

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