Ebonyi Tradition Threatens Parental Rights Over Bride Price

Ebonyi Tradition’s Impact on Yul Edochie’s Parental Rights

Actor Yul Edochie’s ongoing disputes with his first wife, May Edochie, have taken a concerning turn due to the implications of Ebonyi tradition on parental custody.

Divorce and Bride Price Dilemma

Amidst their divorce proceedings and Yul’s public criticism of May, an aspect of their separation becomes more precarious.

Yul had been reluctant to pay the bride price, raising issues about May’s public acknowledgment of their marriage.

Children’s Custody and Cultural Norms

Wisdom Nwedene, a Nigerian writer, explains the repercussions as per Ebonyi tradition. He emphasizes that if Yul reclaims the bride price, he risks forfeiting his claim to their three children. According to tradition, when the bride price is returned, the children are no longer considered his.

Traditional Stipulations for Custody

The customary practice stipulates that if Yul decides not to continue the marriage without taking back the bride price, the children would still be recognized as his.

However, retrieving the bride price effectively transfers the children’s ownership to May, and any subsequent marriage of hers would confer ownership to her new spouse.

Cautionary Advice in Light of Tradition

Wisdom Nwedene underscores the importance of Yul treading cautiously, adhering to Ebonyi tradition’s nuanced rules. To reclaim custody of his children, he would need to forego the bride price entirely, a crucial aspect dictated by the cultural norms.

Insights into Tradition for Clarity

Nwedene urges those inclined to debate on this matter to seek understanding of Ebonyi traditions. He clarifies that this issue falls within the realm of cultural norms rather than legal jurisdiction.

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