Former Strictly Pro Robin Windsor Opens Up About Heartbreak and Privacy Struggles Post-Show

Heartbreak and Privacy Struggles: Robin Windsor’s Post-Strictly Experience

Former Strictly Come Dancing professional Robin Windsor recently shared his heartbreak and the challenges he faced after leaving the show, citing concerns about his privacy and freedom.

Windsor, who danced on the show for three seasons until 2012, opened up about his experiences, including his celebrity partnerships and life after the BBC One dance competition.

Life After Strictly: A Rollercoaster of Emotions

In the interview, Windsor delves into the details of his life after leaving Strictly Come Dancing, expressing the emotional toll it took on him.

He discusses why he found it difficult to watch the show after his departure and contemplates the possibility of returning to the dance floor.

Unwanted Departure and Health Concerns

Windsor reveals that leaving Strictly was not his choice but a result of a back operation that led the show’s producers to decide not to invite him back for the following year.

Despite being physically fit, the decision was likely made for health and safety reasons. Windsor shares the heartbreak he felt, especially when watching his friend Trent Whiddon replace him and dance with Pixie Lott.

Supporting Fellow Dancers: Overcoming Bitterness

Reflecting on his initial struggles with bitterness, Windsor shares an insightful conversation with his dance partner at the time, Marcus Collins.

Collins advised him to support everyone on the show and not dwell on bitterness about not being invited back. Windsor appreciates this advice and acknowledges the positive impact it had on his perspective.

Challenges of Public Profile and Loss of Privacy

Discussing the challenges of being on the show, Windsor highlights the difficulties of having a public profile. He describes the impact on his personal life, the loss of freedom, and the paranoia that came with public scrutiny.

Even simple outings became challenging as people recognized him from Strictly, making him feel uncomfortable and almost losing his privacy.

Desire to Return to Strictly: Waiting for the Right Moment

Despite the challenges, Windsor expresses a deep love for Strictly Come Dancing, calling it the happiest place on earth.

He mentions his desire to return but acknowledges that the show’s bosses haven’t expressed interest in having him back. Windsor understands the considerations, considering his age and the current dynamics of the show.