BBC Stands Firm Behind Giovanni Pernice Amidst Allegations; Former Dance Partners Seek Legal Redress in London

BBC Stands Firm Behind Giovanni Pernice Amidst Allegations; Former Dance Partners Seek Legal Redress in London

The BBC has shown support for Giovanni Pernice amidst a fresh crisis as the Strictly dancer faces scrutiny following discussions by three of his former dance partners about their experiences with him.

Giovanni, known for his appearances on Strictly Come Dancing, has been hit by controversy, with reports emerging about discussions among his ex-partners, including Amanda Abbington, Ranvir Singh, and Laura Whitmore.

Support Amidst Controversy:

Despite these reports, the BBC promoted Giovanni’s latest show, “Anton & Giovanni’s Adventures in Spain,” on Instagram just hours after the fresh claims surfaced.

The broadcaster shared a video featuring the dancing duo, emphasizing their upcoming program. However, the promotion coincides with reports that Amanda Abbington is seeking legal assistance to obtain rehearsal footage from her time on Strictly Come Dancing with Giovanni.

Legal Action and Allegations:

Amanda Abbington, Giovanni’s former Strictly partner, has reportedly engaged a top lawyer to assist her in obtaining rehearsal footage from her time on the show.

This comes amidst claims that Amanda left the show due to personal reasons, including alleged disagreements with Giovanni. Reports suggest that she is preparing to send a legal letter to the BBC in pursuit of the footage, citing her experience on the show, which reportedly left her with PTSD.

Allegations and Emotional Summit:

The recent controversy surrounding Giovanni intensified as sources claim that three of his former celebrity partners, Amanda, Ranvir Singh, and Laura Whitmore, held an emotional meeting to discuss their experiences working with him. Allegations include claims of discomfort, tears, and concerns about Giovanni’s behavior.

While the trio reportedly discussed the possibility of formally complaining to the BBC, Giovanni has maintained his innocence, asserting that he only aims to bring out the best in his partners.

BBC’s Response and Giovanni’s Defense:

The BBC declined to comment on the allegations, stating that there is ongoing dialogue between the production team and contestants to address any concerns swiftly.

Giovanni, on the other hand, defended his teaching style, describing himself as a perfectionist who cares deeply about his partners’ performances. He emphasized that his approach aims to ensure that his partners shine on the dance floor every Saturday.

Complex Dynamics and Legal Matters:

The situation involving Giovanni, Amanda Abbington, and other former partners underscores the complex dynamics within the entertainment industry.

While accusations and legal actions continue to unfold, Giovanni’s career trajectory and reputation are at stake. Amanda’s decision to seek legal assistance reflects the seriousness of the allegations and the desire for accountability.

Reflections and Moving Forward:

As the controversy surrounding Giovanni Pernice unfolds, it prompts reflection on the treatment of performers and the responsibilities of production teams.

Moving forward, it remains to be seen how the BBC and other stakeholders will address the allegations and ensure a safe and supportive environment for all involved in entertainment productions.


The ongoing saga involving Giovanni Pernice and his former partners highlights the challenges within the entertainment industry and the importance of accountability and transparency.

As investigations continue and legal actions unfold, the repercussions could have far-reaching effects on the individuals involved and the industry as a whole.